All about Data Entry Jobs in Malaysia

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Data entry is an ever-growing field which has least fear of recession in the progressive economy. Although the work type depends upon the position but this is the field which can help you to explore and learn for a better future in any industry you work for. Malaysia is one of the highly developed economies and with the advanced development comes the need to gather and maintain data. Data has become the life line of most companies in Malaysia hence the scope for jobs in this field has increased many folds. So, if you are the one willing to take up a data entry job in Malaysia, then you must know all about this profession so, you may easily find and sustain in this job.

What is data entry?

Data entry is a profession of gathering, entering and updating the data into computer systems. The profession is to ease the job of data analysts as the data entry professionals’ segment and clean the data, take off the irrelevant set of data and update the database. This helps the organizations to utilize the data well for their understanding and progress.

What are the job roles in Data Entry Jobs?

  • Bookkeeping Data Entry Clerk
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Insurance Coverage Data Entry
  • HR Records Data Entry Clerk
  • Procurement Data Entry Clerk
  • Medical Records maintenance Data Entry Clerk
  • Demand Record Data Entry Clerk
  • Payroll Data Entry Clerk
  • Data Entry Executive
  • Data Entry Engineer
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Marketing Data Entry Clerk
  • Shipping/Receiving Data Entry Clerk

What is the educational requirement to get data entry jobs in Malaysia?

Data entry is a generic job profile hence, most companies require and accept any formal education for this job role but it is mandatory for a candidate to have a graduation degree. And if the candidate has some relevant certification it can give an extra edge to him or her at the time of screening.  

In addition to this, there are a few competencies that are expected from the candidate in order to give better productivity and perform efficiently. These are as follows:

  • The candidate should have right level of computer knowledge and should have familiarity with various computer programs such as MS Office (formal computer training may be advantageous in progressing in this career)
  • Should pay attention to detail
  • Should be good with the use of grammar and punctuation
  • Ability to work as per deadlines.

What technical skills are required to take up data entry jobs in Malaysia?

  • Data base and query software: Data entry software, IBM Informix, Microsoft Access, FileMaker Pro
  • Health software: Electronic medical record EMR software, Medical procedure coding software, Healthcare common procedure coding system HCPCS, Medical condition coding software.
  • Worksheet software: Microsoft Excel 

What are the duties and responsibilities in Data Entry jobs?

It is crucial for Malaysian companies to maintain data and for that they hire data entry personnel’s the work role that they take care of is as follows:

  • They Prepare and categorize data forms for data entry
  • They register/Enter data into office database software system and keep a check to make sure that the data inputted is accurate or not.
  • Solving inconsistencies in data and finding additional information for inadequate documents
  • Making data backups to meet the contingency plan
  • Answering to data requests from approved associates
  • Make sure to test and use the new database systems and software updates that company plans to use.

How can you get work permit as a foreign national to take up data entry jobs in Malaysia?

Conditions to get employment pass for data entry jobs in Malaysia.

  • The candidate should have a job offer to earn a monthly income between RM3,000 and RM4,999.
  • The candidate must have a job contract of up to two years.
  • The Employment pass cannot be renewed after two times.
  • The candidate won’t be allowed to hire a Foreign Domestic Helper in Malaysia.
  • The candidate must have requisite academic qualifications for the job role.
  • You must have minimum of three years of relevant work experience in the native country.
  • The candidate must work in an executive which requires specific skills.
  • You must meet the mandatory salary requirements.

So, if you want to get data management jobs in Malaysia, then read this article to know what exactly the profession demands.   

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