All About the Features of Firestone Tyres

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Firestone is a multinational tyre manufacturing company which is located in Nashville, Tennessee, the U.S. It is a subsidiary company of Bridgestone tyres in Japan. Firestone was founded in 1900 by Harvey Firestone. With more than 100 years of experience in tyre manufacturing, Firestone always improves their designs, patterns, quality of the product, the material used for manufacturing the products, and use latest innovative ideas as well. Firestone becomes the top leading tyre manufacturing brand of the world because of their best quality of products that provide best driving experience in any type of vehicles due to its awesome tread designs, sipe quality, quantity and gloves.

 Why Firestone?

Firestone tyres are manufactured for light commercial trucks, SUV, hatchbacks and various other vehicles as well.

The main significant features of Firestone tyres is their 4-belt structure and open tread design. This design idea improves and provides optimal hardness and stiffness with more grip, and increased traction percentage which helps to improve braking performance. and stops the vehicle in a frequent sec and this provides more rigidity for a road trip. Firestone tyre range provides a balanced structure which helps in the mass of vehicle equally divided and enhances the handling of the vehicle.

Firestone tyres are mainly used for motorways and commercial vehicles. The tyres are manufactured with the strongest substances to provide you with next levels of performance. Each tyre takes a load of mass up to 2800kg or 6175 pounds. In these tyres, maximum services are not required and used for a long time with such amount of weight without any problem facing.

A lot of Firestone tyres are specially manufactured in favour of the truck owners. They cost less as compared to its features which are the main goals of trucks owner to saves money from the tyres or trucks without compromising with the quality of the tyre.

Tyre Features

A majority of Firestone tyres are manufacture in such a way that it can run in all-weather conditions like snow- icy roads, muddy roads, wet roads, and extreme heat conditions in summers. Its range of tyres is manufactured for the commercial trucks with a long-lasting life performance, and high traction force with high gripped structure.

More features of Firestone tyres are

·     Four Belt Construction-

Firestone tyres have four-layer of belts which prevent the tyre from puncturing and provides extreme strength and increases the life of tyres.

·     Strong Tread Components-

Performance tyres by Firestone provide and ensures even wearing of tyres

·     Staggered Tread Structure-

The staggered tread block designs and hard tread components prevent the unnecessary wearing of treads and increase the life of the tyre.

·     Aggressive Blocks with Gripping

Firestone Tyres uses the idea of Aggressive Block with an increased number of sipes which provides excellent gripping and reduces the traction and easily stops or increases the better handling of the vehicles.

·     Shoulder Patterns-

Firestone tyres also produce Cheap Tyres Online with open shoulder pattern design to increase the traction force for smooth driving, even during extreme climatic conditions like rain, snow, or hilly terrains as well. Also, the lateral Shoulder Patterns design helps to remove the water and prevent situations of hydroplaning and skidding on the road.

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