All things to should know about Video Content Marketing

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An explainer video is a great way to show off your product. These are often seen on websites or landing pages, and will quickly educate customers about what you have for sale by breaking it down into an easy-to-understand format with just the right tone of voice

Explainers can be used in many different ways depending upon how they’re created – one type being “the typical” which includes all sorts of information from the name(brand), purpose & benefits; other types include “logo + text only,” where viewers see logos instead graphics but still get verbal descriptions alongside written copy found within HTML code/root tags below each image

The ROI of Video Content

Is video marketing really worth it? Research shows us that it is. In their 2020 report, Wyzowl found:

89% of marketers say they get a good return on investment from using videos in their campaigns and 83% feel like this has helped them generate more leads as well! They also note an increase traffic for websites (80%) which can directly lead to increased sales among other things such as 89%.

Video marketing is an amazing way to increase your business’s reach and visibility. Whether you’re a small or large company, video electric Marketing has many great benefits that will help grow the success of any organization. Video marketing is the future. And two companies have shown just how powerful it can be: Tiger Fitness claims video helped them achieve a 60% returning customer rate, which was three times what would typically occur in their industry; meanwhile SAP got 9m impressions with content that relied heavily on videos- even though they only spent 3 days creating and releasing this particular campaign.

Who use video marketing –Video marketing is the way of today’s market, with many businesses opting for videos. Studies show that 85% of companies use this form to promote themselves online and even moreso when people are looking up products or services on sites like Yelp- how else will they know if you have good things going on in your life? Video marketing is one of the most popular methods for content creators and marketers looking to reach new customers. The Content Marketing Institute’s findings show that almost two thirds (66%) of B2C companies use video in their campaigns, while only a little less than seventy percent or so from among those who specialize on working with business at large do too according to its 2020 research project “To Be A Successful Market Marketer Today: What You Need To Know About Businesses And Their Needs”. Research shows that video marketing is an effective way for companies to connect with their customers. This week, I read about a study in which Impact Research found similar results -81% of businesses use videos in their marketing strategy! Additionally Social Media Examiner’s 2019 report says 58 percent of marketers used live streams last year alone.

How user response to Video Content Marketing – Online video is growing and consumers love it! Wyzowl’s research shows that people watch an average of 16 hours per week on online videos. Moreover, 84% percent of respondents said they were convinced to buy a product or service by watching one brand’s promotional material piece-of -mindfully crafted with care for maximum impact WyzOwl conducted their study last year but what does this mean now as we head into 2018? The answer: Consumers want brands who can give them something new and exciting combined with relevant information which helps build customer loyalty over time through content strategy initiatives such as blogging. According to Google, YouTube is reaching more 18-49 year olds in an average week than all cable TV networks combined. They add that watch time on shopping-related videos on the site grew by 5X over 2 years ago – incredible. Creating video content that is professional and engaging can be tough, but it’s important for the tone of voice. For example, according to Wyzowl in 2017 75%of consumers decided not to buy a product because they were annoyed by how chatty some videos sounded on social media pages like Facebook (67%). An informal or casual Chatty Cathy style may make you appear less prestigious than your competitors so avoid using these phrases when possible–83 percent prefer correct grammar as well!

The average length seems short nowadays at 3 minutes max with 80% of marketers opting only 1-minute long pieces rather than longer ones (over 4m 30s)

Mobile Video Marketing

Digital video marketing is becoming an increasingly vital component of your company’s success. This can be seen in the recent reports from IAB, which show that advertisers are investing more than ever before with mobile videos seeing an increase by 25% year-over-year rate within this industry. YouTube says that more than 70% of all video consumption is via mobile devices, and according to YouTube’s statistics we can expect it will only continue. Broadbandsearchreports 40 minutes a day on average for those watching videos with Wi-Fi access as well as 30+ minutes when offline; Wyzowl claims 90 percent use their phones or tablets while 93 percents tweet about what they see there – 1 in 5 also likes Facebook updates posted by friends relative to other types conversations which involve text messages at least once every week!

Video Marketing Trends

You might be thinking, “Video marketing? Isn’t that a new trend?” Not so fast! Our research has found video will soon become one of the most popular ways to grow your network and customer base – not just in this year but for years into the future.Video is quickly becoming the preferred way for businesses and consumers alike to communicate. It’s only a matter of time before this reaches an all-time high, with Cisco predicting that by 2021 there will be almost 1 million minutes per second crossing over internet networks worldwide!

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