All You Need to Know About Vocabulary for Kids

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Words are the building blocks of today’s communication. With the world updating their every instance, good communication or vocabulary can go a long way. 

Why is vocabulary that important?

Here are three aspects that will pinpoint exactly why you should concentrate on improving your child’s vocabulary.

  • Every day that we speak, write or express is also pointing towards comprehension. Not just from a theoretical point of view but also in practical applications. Having a good vocabulary helps your child understand everything in a much deeper sense and therefore makes it easier for them to comprehend what they are reading. 
  • When I talk about vocabulary, it’s not just verbal communication but also written expertise. Therefore, if your child is good at communication, then his writing, reading, talking, and listening skills will improve much more. 
  • Having a good vocabulary is linearly connected to a students’ confidence. The more they use words to express themselves correctly, the more confident they become and therefore don’t shy out in front of crowds.

English today has become a primary language all around the world. It makes it possible for us to get more and much more significant opportunities as we grow. 

A few of English Vocabulary test are available online through which a student can improve their skill set when it comes to words and sentences.

There are primarily five types of words that every child should know before they become an adult. They are as follows.

Type A

Here the letter A points out that the words are Academic related. That is, the words are not easier to understand, but with little effort, they can help you along the way. These words have a deeper and more sophisticated meaning to them. For example, the term ‘genre’ specifies the different disciplines that are available today.

Type B

The B type of words indicates Basics. Words such as them, a then, at, and many more come under the type B category. 80% of your children’s talking or writing assignments are full of type B words.

Type C

Type C words are called the Connectors. When a person ponders over the cause for an action that is where these connectors come into the picture. They help connect an effort to a situation and establish a chain-like structure between words or sentences.

Type D

Here D is for difficult words. These words challenge the students to come out of their comfort zone and learn the word for what it is. For example, the phrase civil war is daunting, but the same word is responsible for a whole chapter in the history of our world. Usually, we see teachers using Type D words in JAM or Just a minute sessions. For example, you would have seen your teacher ask you to speak about ‘Science and technology. Now that is a Type D-word. They are challenging, but they have a whole new discussion surrounding them.

Type X

The extras or the type X swords are the types of words that you don’t use as much as you use the others. That is, you use them rarely and at times not at all. For example, when you think about the chronicles of Narnia, you don’t use these words in your daily communication, but it does represent an entirely new fictional world that the kids love.

You can teach your kid how to communicate by simply talking to them about their daily activities in the language. There are online websites that focus on 7th grade vocabulary words. Browsing through them and practicing them every day will ensure that your child has a good vocabulary.

Words study is indeed a concept that helped student’s skill up from so many years. Looking at the words, their meanings and trying to use them in your everyday life will make it easier for your child to memorize them.

Conclusion: No one should take vocabulary easily. It is the single most crucial skill set that everyone should possess. Not just for children but adults as well. Therefore, making sure that your child is good in communication will provide them with an early foundation to how and what they speak once they kick start their careers in the outside world. For more detail browse


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