Some of the Best Bluetooth Home Theatre System Available on EMI Store

Some of the Best Bluetooth Home Theatre System Available on EMI Store
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If you are in the market comparing LG, Samsung, JBL, Creative, or Sony home theatre prices and trying to find the perfect speaker system for your home, then you are in the right place. We have compared various Bose, Sony, and LG home theatre systems to compile a list of the most popular Bluetooth home theatre systems that are available on the EMI Store:

Sony Soundbar System with Bluetooth Technology Black (HT-S20R//CE12)

  • With Dolby Digital, experience high-quality, dramatic surround sound from 5.1 separate audio channels.
  •  An external subwoofer and Rear speakers work with a 3-ch soundbar to produce cinematic, dynamic, immersive sound.
  • Impressive 400W power output puts you right at the centre of the action.
  • Bluetooth connectivity lets you easily play your favourite content without the mess of wires.
  •  Play your favourite music from a memory stick by using the USB port.
  • Dedicated buttons for every type of Sound—choose the setting mode that’s suitable for whatever you’re listening to or watching or, including Cinema, Auto, Standard, and Music. You can also select Voice and Night modes.
  • Super easy to connect your soundbar with TV via a single cable connection

Sony home theatre price – ₹14,990


  • LG XBOOM OL100 offers Bass and Space technology from Meridian, the world’s leading High-Resolution audio company.
  • Robust 2000-Watt Sound
  • Blend different lighting effects with a variety of presets and modes. This enhances the experience and takes parties’ atmosphere to the next level.
  • Toggle the settings for offering a club atmosphere. Push the button to add more sound effects or turn the jog wheel to scratch or enjoy loop track segments
  • Boost the party mood by using a variety of DJ sound effects directly from your smartphone
  • Select your own sound clip and drive the accelerator forward. Hear the boosted sound build until it tops with a thunderous boom
  • Singing is fun and easy with a voice canceller to decrease in-track vocals and a unique key changer that tunes the music to your vocals.

LG home theatre price -₹54,990

Sony Home Theatre System 5.1 Channel (HT-IV300//M E12 13060381)

  • S-Master Digital Amplifier uses a simple yet full digital signal path to generate digital audio signals. The result is a powerful sound with minimum distortion from the device heat build-up.
  • Football Mode offers you a stadium feel experience, especially while watching sports events. Furthermore, a specifically designed algorithm controls the audio closely to exclude the commentary.
  • The three innovative Sony audio technologies – Advanced Auto Volume, Audio harmonic restoration, and Dynamic Range Recovery, work together to deliver a uniform sound output for maximum music and dialogues. These technologies intensify realism, restore details and prevent volume jumps between formats.
  • Dolby Pro Logic Technology obtains the surround sound audio from the primary source to allow you to enjoy an immersive sound experience.

Sony home theatre price -₹23,990

Sony Home Theatre System 5.1 Channel HT-RT3//M E12 13065581


  • Dolby Audio feature lets you experience dramatic, high-quality surround sound from a 5.1 separate audio channels system.
  •  5.1 channels of natural surround sound. An external subwoofer and rear speakers work with a three-channel soundbar to generate immersive, dynamic, cinematic sound.
  • 600W of impressive power output puts you right at the centre of the action.
  • NFC & Bluetooth connectivity lets you stream your favorite songs wirelessly from your mobile with Bluetooth wireless technology.
  • You can use the USB port to simply plug and play music from a memory stick with comfort.
  • Optical and HDMI Arc connectivity of soundbar with TV via single cable connection is super easy.

Sony home theatre price -₹19,990

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