Best Free Games for PC in 2020: PC Games

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We are the people of the 21st century and, we are living in an era of technology. We know that increasing technology is more facilities for us. The gaming field is also growing up with time. Many of us love to spend hours playing games online or offline.

There are many games which are very addictive, once you start playing then you don’t know how the time passes. You have heard of many free games on the internet, but they exactly are not free. Downloading and installation of a game are free but equipment or levels have to be purchased. One more thing is that there are some best free games for the PC also. We will discuss it in this topic.

In this article, we are going to discuss some best free games on the PC and iforgot apple. In these games which we are going to discuss in this article, you don’t have to pay any charges or money for unlocking any of the equipment. When we say free, we mean free. Free-to-play games aren’t allowed because no matter how liberal a game might be, it’s not free if there are items, characters have to be bought. All the games here are complete, 100% free.

List of Best Free Games for PC of 2020:

Dota 2 :

This game comes on the first position in our list of best free games for PC because, this is a game that is little-bit confusing, infuriating, disorienting, unforgiving, and just playing hard. This is a game that has very decent graphics. It was released on date Jul 9, 2013. Dota 2 was developed and published by Valve.

Another good thing about this game is that it supports Windows, Mac, Linux platforms. It has a single map, more like a playing field, that’s split into three lanes top, mid and bottom and two sides: radiant and dire. Before starting the game teams have to divide their players into these lanes. It is a multiplayer game in which one friend can help another. I personally recommend this game, you should play Dota 2 at least once.

Path Of Exile:

It is an incredible action RPG gameplay. It is the kind of game that you can play it free. There are no suspected practices where you have to buy gems with real money or splash out to avoid delays. You can actually enjoy the game while paying nothing.

An in-game pet store is also available where you can buy your pet and also enhancement of cosmetics is available. Not so much complicated to continue with the game, you have to sign up by filling some boxes. An open beta for Windows was released in January 2013. It was officially released in October 2013. For XBOX it was introduced in August 2017. This is one of the bright stars of the galaxy of best free games for PC.

World Of Tanks:

It is the massively multiplayer free online game with amazing graphics. All the vehicles featured in the game were used in mid of the 20th century’s wars. It was developed by wargaming minks and published by wargaming. This game supports some major platforms as like :

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation 4

Five types of different vehicles are used, some of they are the attacker and else are tank destroyer.

Types of vehicles used are:-

  • Light tanks (LTs or lights)
  • Medium tanks (MTs or mediums)
  • Heavy tanks (HTs or heavies)
  • Tank destroyers (TDs or tank hunters)
  • Self-propelled guns (SPG, artillery guns or cannons)

Player has the choice to choose their vehicle which they want. The player has full control of the chosen vehicle’s movement and firing. Even players can communicate with each other while streaming the game with voice messages and chats. This is the totally cost-free game, nothing has to pay for playing that’s why it is on our list of best free games for pc.

Forza Motorsport 6 :

It is a racing game developed by Turn 10 Studios and published by Microsoft Studios for Xbox One. It was released in September 2015, worldwide. Free-to-play version of Forza Motorsport 6: Apex was announced in March 2016 and released in September 2016 for Microsoft Windows.

This is the sixth Forza Motorsport with some advance feature that blows up mind at first glance. There are many improvements in this version like it has superb, impressive graphics along with convincing handling and thriller wet-weather and night-time racing. An enjoyable tireless line-up of cars and courses are there.

Warframe :

It is a third-party shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes for Microsoft Windows, XboxOne, and PlayStation 4. This comes on the fifth position in our list of best free games for PC because This is a free-to-play online game. It was released for Microsoft Windows in March 2013 and for PlayStation, it was released in November 2013 and in September 2014 it was launched for XboxOne. This game needs some improvement because there was a lack of devoted to the people and immediately forgotten. But the developers take the plunge and keep working on it and update it also add magical potion in it.

The players have equipped with three type of weapons: a primary weapon, a secondary weapon, and a melee weapon. All the weapons can be upgraded to the next level for improving the performance and rigidity of weapons. All the players rest and travel in their own customizable ships in- between the battles. I personally recommend this game, you should play it.

Smite :

In the catalog of best free games for PC, this game scored very popularity and reviews on the internet. This is a third-party multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). This was developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios. This game supports many platforms like Microsoft Windows, XboxOne, MacOS, and Xbox One. All the players have to choose a god or goddess from the index of 93 gods and immortals from nine different penthouses.

Players are free to choose gods from the same or different penthouse but they cannot assign the same god, one god can be used by one in a team. Each god has individually classified in different classes like Assassin, Hunter, Guardian, Mage, and Warrior. God’s skills and abilities can be increased and upgrade when god level-up by gaining experience from being in the range of minions and kill enemy’s god, Phoenix, and tower.

Conclusion :

All the games we have discussed above are the best free games for Pubg mobile apk. Different platforms have different ways of emulation like Xbox 360 emulator for pc or Xbox one emulators etc. We have seen that some games claim to be free but equipment, game level, and weapons in the game have to purchase. But in this article, we figure the free-to-play games.

These pieces of information about games are written after analyzing personally. Another thing is that all the games are developed and published by the famed developer and publishers. These games support a number of platforms like XBOX 360, Microsoft Windows, XBOX one, etc, and operating systems. We hope that this article will be helpful to you in choosing and try the best free games for PC. We have written this article very wistfully and sedulity.

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