The Best GPS Tracker App for Parents on 2021

Best GPS Tracker App For Parents

Family safe is one of the best available parental control applications that has been launched so far. It can easily run-on Android, iOS, Mac, Kindle, and even on windows. The FamiSafe parental control app has very remarkable features that could please every parent who wants to secure their child and their life. The features of the application are sharing live location, getting a quick check on the location history, and even getting the location history timeline.  this app is beneficial for both the parents and child since it provides a sense of security for parents and ensures the safety of the child Even if he adds some unsafe and unsecured places. The parents now need not worry about the children and do not have to take time for their child from the busy schedule.

Tracking the location of kids

It allows the parents to share the live location of their child. The parents can easily know the current location of their child. The features provided by the application are sharing of location history Sharing, live location tracking, and getting accurate results out of it. It allows the parents access to the real-time location of their children and the parents can easily identify whether their child is lying to them or not. This application provides exact and current locations to the parents. this application will surely give you a better experience than other parental apps. Most of the parents have a busy schedule in their life and cannot be always with their child.

Geofencing features by location tracker app

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  • Geofencing is a technique that makes a virtual boundary in the places located nearby you. It works with a GPS tracker that is enabled in the app. The parents who are most concerned about their kids especially about the teams can easily switch to this location tracker app. Your child would never go to a club or a bar without getting your permission even if he or she goes then you will be getting an alert message quickly. Now you do not have to worry about the busy schedule of your day. You can easily provide your kids a smartphone without getting stress off a child being deviated from its original path.
  • Every parent wants to grow their child safely and beautifully. But every child wants to be free and independent of everything they want to have in life. But the crucial world outside does not allow any child to be alone.
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  • Famous if location control app is the most reliable parental control application that helps the parents and maintaining and tracking the location history of their child. More features of the application are getting instant alerts when the child enters or leaves any geofence area by the parents.
  • This technology is also useful when your child enters some area that is an unusual place for him or her. The app lets the parents know through the alerts that Notify the parents when there’s add enter or leave an area which is not decided by your parents.

Premium packs offered by location tracker app

  • This fabulous FamiSafe parental control app has decided its Pricing to be very particular and affordable by every parent. You can easily pick up your premium plans for subscription from the failsafe location control app. The best value plan offered by the location control app is the annual plan of subscription which is about $59.99 per year or, $4.99 per month. This gives the user the future of protecting up to 30 devices with all the features of the application.
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  • The second plan offered by the location tracker app is a Monthly plan which costs about $9.99 per month Which gives the user the protection of up to 5 devices with all the features of the application. The best plan offered by the location control app for subscription is the quarterly plan which costs about $19.99 per quarter which is equivalent to $6.66 per month that gives the user the protection of about 10 devices with all the features of the application.
  • This app also offers you a free 3-day trial for parents who do not have used this app once. This free 3 Day free trial gives parents all the features that could be gained after subscription to the application, so that, the parents could experience what features they would be getting after picking up a premium plan.






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These all features are offered to the parents at a very affordable price and you can easily trust this application for the safety of your child. The location tracker app makes the job of parents easier by locating your kids much more efficiently and easily. Once the location service is turn on by the app, can easily know the real-time location of your child. the location history of your child could even be known by FamiSafe parental control app and you can see whether your child has missed school or skip the classes without getting permitted by you.