Best Personal Letterhead Templates Design Ideas Online for 2022

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Letterheads are used for various purposes in companies including sending notices, legal announcements, invoices, etc. Taking personal letterheads into consideration, they are specially designed to add an extra touch to a simple letterhead. Anyhow, it is a must for businesses to deal professionally.

Here, we shall show you the best personal letterhead template designs online for 2022.

 What is Letterhead?

To begin with, the top part of a paper or stationery is referred to as a letterhead. It consists of the name of the company, contact details, logo and address. It gives the company a formal and glamours.

You can use letterhead templates to create personal letterheads for your business. You can customize these personal letterhead templates as per your needs. For instance, you can alter it depending on your clients or the issue you are going to discuss. Just a few clicks on templates and you are ready with your letterhead.

Why is Letterhead Important?

Letterheads are quite important in businesses. They leave a great first visual impression on your clients. It gives you a headstart in winning your clients and ultimately affects your business positively.

It brings a sense of professionalism when you use letterheads while dealing with business. Also, it is an advertisement material and useful too. A letterhead has the company’s logo, brands colours, etc which makes it an effective advertising material.

In addition to this, it has contact details which makes it easier for your clients to get in touch. It promotes and represents your company and its business.

Few Tips to Create Professional Letterheads.

  • Basic details: The main three things should be placed on the top of your letterhead. These things include the logo of your company, its name and contact details. These should be printed at the top of the letterhead without any doubt.It would be better to choose a grid that divides these details into separate sections. It will make things presentable and clearer.
  • Borderline: Although, it is not a necessity but giving your letterhead a borderline makes it stunning. It will be more attractive and pleasant to work on. Use a modern or trendy border type to draw the attention of your readers.
  • Stunning header: You can try doing something a little different from others to draw more attention and generate curiosity among your clients. Spreading the header on top of the layout is a good option. You can check out various letterhead templates to know what suits you better.
  • Consider audience: Keeping the audience in mind while designing your letterhead is necessary. For instance, if you have some good firm to deal with, creating a playful and colourful letterhead will not work. You need one which looks formal, classic. Monochromatic themed letterheads are great for such occasions. You can change the letterhead design depending on people you are dealing with.
  • Choose colours wisely: You can use colours for your benefit if you know how to use them. Colours can trigger our emotions and have psychological impact on our minds. Also, people notice the colours very fast and also get affected by them.
  • Include Images: Using a photo in your letterhead looks modern and attractive. You can use any geometric shape or design to give letterhead a trendy and stylish look. Also, try using landscape instead of portrait.
  • Choose suitable fonts: Other than colours and images, fonts styles also matter. When you are designing your letterheads, choose a single typeface for it. Use of a variety of typefaces will mislead signals. Use large fonts for important details. Also, for a more formal and top notch look, go for serif fonts. However, for a casual look, you can use arial font. Make sure to develop a consistency over branding materials of the company including letterheads.

Where to Get Amazing Letterhead Templates

Well, there are numerous platforms available online that can offer you letterhead templates for your business. But it is obvious that you can’t just use any.

Here we have picked some of the top notch letterhead templates for you to choose from. Also, Designhill offers you a huge number of letterhead templates for free. You can download this for free on this platform.

Best Personal Letterhead Templates Online for 2022

Sample 1

This letterhead sample has made great use of geometric shapes and is incorporated with visuals. This elegant piece can be customized and used by you for your company.

Sample 2

This one’s a classic and formal monochromatic letterhead. You can choose this if you want to have a extraordinary look and impress your clients.

Sample 3

This letterhead had unique use of color and some patterns on the border to attract the attention of viewers. All other things are kept simple to maintain a balance and not overdo things.

Sample 4

Create a simple and professional impact on your audience with this letterhead template. Company’s name and contact details are mentioned to stand out and catch the eye of viewers.

 Sample 5

This letterhead template is another simple one for companies to use. The logo of the company remains the main focus. You can use the colour palette of your brand to make it more yours.


These are a few samples that can help you to create amazing personal letterheads. Get more free templates online to get trendy and modern letterheads for your company. And not only letterheads, you can make resume, flyers, posters etc. in a few minutes.

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