The Best Podcasts Can Change Lives

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A lot of times, people think of podcasts as a source of entertainment. While this may be true, podcasts are not limited to just providing their listeners with entertainment. They can also be informational, educational, and, in many cases, change lives.

How Podcasts Benefit Listeners?

Aside from providing its listeners with entertainment, there is a list of ways that podcasts are beneficial to its listeners. First and foremost, the ease of finding and listening to free podcasts online that you enjoy is quite surprising. Having podcasts at your fingertips not only makes it quick and easy to listen to but also a portable source of information and entertainment. Since podcasts only engage your listening senses, it is a great way to multitask and get your chores and errands done faster. Most free podcasts online are conversational and engaging. This makes them easy to listen to, easy to understand, and also helps you improve your vocabulary.

Entertainment podcasts are great for mindless chores, while educational podcasts are great for enhancing the listener’s knowledge on certain topics. It is also great to listen to podcasts when you feel like listening to the same music over and over has started to feel monotonous. The long list of available themes and genres of podcasts and formats and types of podcasters out there promises a podcast for every niche of the audio content listener.

How Podcasts Empower?

Apart from all these benefits that accompany listening to podcasts, there are so many podcasts out there that can help change lives. Meditation and music podcasts help people anxious or find it difficult to sleep to have more relaxed days and better sleep at night. Meditation podcasts activate your brain, producing a chemical called oxytocin, also known as the ‘love hormone. The release of this hormone enhances concentration and productivity while simultaneously reducing stress and anxiety. Podcasts can also help stimulate the brain and produce adrenaline, triggering the listener’s flight or fight response. This happens while listening to more intriguing and engaging podcasts such as true crime podcasts.

Another way a person’s stress and anxiety levels can be reduced is by listening to humor or comedy podcasts. These activate the brain’s frontal lobe and its cerebral cortex, which reduces the listener’s cortisol level. Aside from reducing stress, motivational podcasts can also touch a heart string and truly motivate the listener to turn their lives around if they feel like they relate to what the podcast host is talking about. Self empowerment podcasts seek to empower listeners to conquer their days and attain success. They build confidence and push people to go out of their comfort zone and achieve their goals. A lot of times, podcast hosts of self-empowerment podcasts motivate listeners by sharing their own stories of failure and success and testimonials from others with similar encouraging experiences.

While some of these podcasts help build self-esteem in teenagers or young adults who are still trying to figure everything about themselves out, some of these are for adults trying their best but still feel defeated. These podcast hosts treat their podcasts as a safe space where they coach their listeners through their life and career journey. They console their listeners and provide them with the comfort they need, after which they give them some tough love and the needed actionable advice to do better shortly. While most of these self-empowerment podcasts deal with career and education advice, some of these podcasts deal with spirituality, manifestation, intention, love, relationships, time and money management, and more.

Podcasts Change Mindsets

As we have seen, podcasts can have a major impact on one’s life. Female podcasts have used this concept to change people’s mindsets that still think in a backward sense. These female podcasts help promote feminism and yearn to change the mindset of nations in an attempt to attain equality globally. Podcasts last for longer periods compared to other forms of social media content which means that it has the attention of its listeners for a much longer period. Feminists have used this to their benefit.

Women empowerment podcasts push more women to start standing up for themselves and aiming for more. It has brought about a wave of stronger female bosses and empowers younger girls not to allow themselves to be pushed around by the people around them because they are female. These podcasts show women how to put themselves first and teach men how to be inclusive of the women around them. The life experiences that are shared also enlighten men about what women have had to go through for decades to change their mindset about how they treat the women in their lives.

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