Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners

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Which is the best robot vacuum cleaner and which one to buy on Black Friday? Here are the best deals, features, and technical specifications.

What are the best robot vacuum cleaners and which ones should you buy on Black Friday?

If you are tired of using the usual vacuum cleaner and spending all your free time behind electric brooms and towed vacuum cleaners, the time has come to buy a robotic vacuum cleaner that can clean independently, giving you the well-deserved relaxation and taking advantage of the lowest prices of the year on the occasion of Black Friday.

The offers on robot vacuum cleaners are currently numerous online. To date,

the sector’s offer on the market is wide and with a large sample of choice, from the top of the iRobot range to the most economical and affordable models. Choosing to buy the automatic robot, especially among thousands of Black Friday offers, can be complicated and time-consuming.

There are several essential characteristics that a good robot vacuum cleaner must have to be the right choice (also given the considerable list price that often touches these devices). Below is a complete overview of the specifications to look out for when purchasing with some recommended models to buy directly on Amazon on Black Friday 2021.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners: offers and best price on Black Friday

Let’s see what are the recommended models to buy on the Black Friday offer, different in price ranges and features.

Please note that to access the offers you do not need to be a subscriber to Amazon Prime, but it is a good idea to take advantage of the free trial for 30 days to have access to free fast delivery and the whole world of Prime services, including Prime Video.

After the trial, the subscription – which gives access not only to free expedited shipping but also to the entire Amazon world such as Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Gaming, and more – costs € 3.99 per month or 36 euro per year.

Let’s start with the Shark IQ Self-Empty robot vacuum cleaner: it helps simplify daily cleaning and can create a map of the house to optimize the quality of cleaning. When he’s finished he goes back to base and empties himself.

Black Friday offer: from € 499.99 to € 279.99

Let’s continue with iRobot Roomba 692, equipped with a 3-phase cleaning system and able to capture dirt, dust, and various elements from carpets and floors. It features an intelligent cleaning system that identifies which programs to use based on user needs and is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Black Friday offer: from € 258.28 to € 179.99

Left 50dB is equipped with FreeMove technology that facilitates its movement even when hindered, a three-layer cleaning system, long-lasting lithium battery that favors autonomy without limiting the suction power.

Black Friday offer: from € 309.99 to € 169.99

The roborock S7 is of a higher category. Even floor washers, its technology allows floors to be cleaned up to 3,000 times per minute. It features a multidirectional floating brush and a 300ml electronic water tank that deep cleans up to 200 square meters of space in a single session.

Black Friday offer: from € 549.00 to € 499.00

We close with the Proscenic M8 PRO, a real top-of-the-range with an important price (over 500 euros). Intended for those looking for the most complete and effective product possible: the device is equipped with automatic emptying technology, a dust collector that empties the disposable bag lasting 60 days, laser scanning capable of detecting up to 98% of obstacles, smart controls, and 5,200 mAh super battery.

Black Friday offer: from € 499.00 to € 499.00

Robot vacuum cleaner: which one to choose? 5 essential features

Watch out for impulse buying: in the phase of choosing a robot vacuum cleaner to buy, haste can be bad advice. That’s why you need to pay attention to details and know what to check before making your purchase.

In the case of robot vacuum cleaners, the criteria to keep in mind are:

  • Suction power is the most important feature and on which the cleaning effectiveness of these particular appliances also depends. Some elements to take into consideration are the presence of a rotating brush near the suction inlet, the presence of side and special brushes to overcome obstacles given by the layout of your home and by the various surfaces (a robot vacuum cleaner cannot get bogged down in a carpet)
  • Autonomy and battery life, other fundamental elements to take into consideration especially about the time that these tools have to complete their “shift” of cleaning. The more time they can move around the house and clean, the greater the effectiveness of their passage and cleaning of your home. Charging times are also an important factor, which can sometimes be much longer than the actual operation.
  • Artificial intelligence: AI (artificial intelligence) is also important in what is, in fact, a small mini robot. The sensors inside these devices allow the device to understand the structure and layout of the house and the more intelligent the robot vacuum cleaner is (therefore equipped with good sensors) the less it will tend to get bogged down. A LiDAR sensor (to be clear, that of the latest iPhone 12) can be a key feature thanks to the ability to read environments with a technology developed for space missions.
  • Functionality, the smart home is now a consolidated reality and the use of a stable and effective internet line can be an excellent opportunity to manage the activities of your robot vacuum cleaner from a distance. Therefore, programmed and remote start-up is important, the ability to read and circumvent obstacles, fall sensors, and carpet detection, the ability to carry out precise mapping, and to return autonomously to the charging station.
  • Quality and price balance, as with all purchases, you need to think carefully about the benefits and advantages that can be gained from this type of purchase, also given a huge expense that can be quickly amortized by an easier life and routine. Of course, the robot vacuum cleaner enjoys autonomy for the vast majority of the time but a little maintenance is necessary: ​​in this sense if you want to waste as little time as possible, opt for a large tank.

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