Beware of HVAC Cleaners Who Are Not Well Trained

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When you start searching for HVAC companies, you need to be very careful. Many cheap companies are offering low-quality services. They use inappropriate equipment, harmful chemicals, and unsafe cleaning methods. Looking to save some money, you may end up with big expenses. Hence, you should beware of HVAC cleaners who are not well-trained. 

What Cheap HVAC Companies Do? 

When you hire a cheap HVAC Cleaning in Buford, they never use state-of-the-art equipment like a power vacuum. They usually use a simple blower to push out the filth to wipe clean with an air tool. Also, they typically ignore the cleaning of the return line. Hence, the results are not 100%. 

Why Does It Cost More? 

Also, when performing the cleaning job, the stirred-up dust moves past the filter when your system functions. Hence, your blower will blow out all the dirt in your AC coils. So, your system becomes even more inefficient than it was before. Therefore, you will not be able to save through low energy bills or enjoy excellent cooling. 

You Compromise Safety 

Usually, inefficient technicians remove the furnace doors while cleaning and insert a piece of tape on the safety switch. They do it because they want to keep the blower functioning when they are performing the job. Hence, it is hazardous when the technicians reach in and use an air tool to blow off things (while the system is connected to the power). 

Why Are Cheap Services Not Reliable? 

When you hire poorly trained technicians for HVAC cleaning, they may use fake products. They tend to ignore the entire supply trunk line. Hence, even after the cleaning episode, your system will still be dirty. Indeed, you would not be happy to be worn off, but they offered what you paid for. 

Which Questions to Ask Before Hiring an HVAC Company? 

Here are a few essential questions to ask before hiring Air Duct Repair and Replacement in Buford to ensure that you have hired a reliable contractor. 

For how long has your company been operating? 

A few important things that reflect the company’s duration in the industry are its experience and market reputation. Hence, you should prefer not to hire a new company as they might not be reliable. Also, for an experienced company, you should check client testimonials to check its service quality. Also, review its website as it should comply with EPA standards. 

Are there any references? 

It is always sensible to look for references, specifically when you hire contractors to work in your home. A known company will be happy to provide you with plenty of references. Online reviews and client feedback on the website are also helpful. It would help if you were 100% sure that the company you hire sources considerate and trustworthy technicians. 

Do you have any proof of liability insurance? 

You would not want to pay huge bills and get involved in a case where your property and technician get injured. So, it is essential to ask for liability insurance proof before hiring a contractor. And a reliable company would be happy to provide. Never risk your home or peace of mind by hiring an unreliable company. 

Will my bill include any hidden charges? 

Regrettably, air duct cleaning is linked to bait-and-switch cheats and other shady pricing approaches. Hence, you need to be extra careful when hiring. Many companies appeal to customers with an offer of $50 for entire house ductwork cleaning, and they perform a low-quality job. Or when you hire them, they try to recommend unnecessary services to increase the bill. According to HomeAdvisor, a standard duct clean-up service for homes costs between $120 to $660. 

Which guidelines do you observe? 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has defined some standards and guidelines for cleaning the ductwork. Unfortunately, EPA does not endorse any service providers but has shared an HVAC post-cleaning checklist for the companies to follow. 

What kind of chemicals do you use? 

When you choose an air duct cleaning service, your objective is to keep you and your family safe. Hence, you would not like exposure to harmful chemicals. Cheap companies may use chemical biocides for ductwork clean-up and sanitization, mainly when performing mold cleaning services. 

Hence, it would help if you discussed this with your contractor before hiring. And it would help if you carried out detailed research to be aware of the potential pros and cons. You should know that EPA has not endorsed any chemical biocides for this purpose. 

How will you ensure that my family is safe after the job? 

Ductwork cleaning is a chaotic business. Hence, it would help if you searched for contractors that use drop cloths to remove the debris, floor, and furnishing. Also, they should cover the walls with plastic sheets. Besides, the technicians should wear safety equipment and booties (to help prevent the spreading of debris). Also, it would help if you asked companies whether they have conducted background checks on their technicians and are reliable people. 

Will you wipe clean my whole ductwork system? 

Don’t get ripped by the companies that publicize as whole-house specials. They usually serve a particular part of the ductwork system. The companies that offer complete house ductwork services use truck-mounted equipment. Hence, when you hire a reliable contractor, they clean the heater, AC, supply, and return ductwork. They will also cap up the access panel and clean the registers and grills. 

Do you provide a visual examination after job completion? 

Usually, it is not safe to believe anyone’s words that your HVAC system is 100% clean of dirt and dangerous pollutants. Hence, you should make sure that your contractor provides you with your system’s before and after service images. It will show a clear picture of the issues and to what extent it has been treated. If the company is hesitant about showing this, you should consider other options. 


Hence, protecting your family and home is crucial, and regular HVAC maintenance is an essential part of it. Make use of the above information to make a sensible decision before hiring a contractor. 

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