Best Mediterranean restaurant for Brunch in providence

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Rhode Island may be a small state, but it’s definitely not lacking when it comes to memorable cuisine. Whatever cuisine you’re looking for, the Mediterranean restaurant in Rhode island has it, and it will be fresh, unique, and truly delicious!

1. Agora Restaurant – 

Best Mediterranean restaurant for Brunch in providence
Agora Restaurant

This is a beautiful contemporary cuisine option found at the Westin Providence Hotel. Here you will find fresh seafood and regional dishes in a nationally renowned restaurant.

2. Geppetto’s Grilled Pizzeria 

– This is an exclusive option for a pizzeria with a truly creative menu. Here you will find fresh salads, interesting appetizers, traditional pasta, and, of course, the legendary pizza. Pizza is served baked, gourmet, grilled, and in other varieties.

3. Tap and Grille

 – This is a traditional restaurant with a beautiful view of Block Island Sound. You can find fresh seafood, thick steaks, and enjoy the award-winning clam chowder. It also has a large wraparound porch, which will allow you to enjoy your meal outside.

4. Mediterranean: 

this is a unique gastronomic option that allows you to eat under a starry sky. You will be able to enjoy creative and contemporary cuisine with Mediterranean influences, where visitors have the option of dining al fresco while enjoying their food.

5. Temple

Temple is a promising Mediterranean restaurant near me that focuses primarily on its cocktails. This restaurant is open every night for dinner, and you can enjoy traditional European cuisine, including delicious seafood. More than half of the menu is dedicated to cocktails and wine, so you better come prepared to enjoy! One menu item to look out for is the calamari, which is served with zucchini, lemon, and citrus aioli.

6. Providence

.This meal gives families time to come together and celebrate this important season. Almost every Easter brunch features a delicious spiral ham as the main course. As a complement to the ham, you can consume a wide variety of drinks, appetizers, side dishes, and desserts. Most of the following dishes can be prepared ahead of time so that Easter is stress-free.

7. Appetizers or light snacks

Although the Mediterranean restaurant in Rhode Island is traditionally served as a stand-alone meal, you can certainly add an aperitif course to an Easter brunch. This is the perfect time to serve freshly squeezed orange juice or mimosas, fresh seasonal fruit, and sweet bread. Guests should also offer hot coffee and tea. A light lemon poppy seed bun or blueberry loaf will help the guests until the ham is done. You may want to offer guests a Bloody Mary or a Pina Colada as well.

8. The main course

Make your boneless ham the centerpiece of your brunch. Be sure to carefully review the information on warming up ham the night before brunch. Properly programming the heating of the ham is essential to ensure that the meat is tender and juicy. It is advisable to heat a brown sugar glaze and pour it over these meats before serving. Make an easy frosting by heating equal parts maple syrup and brown sugar over low heat. Add a touch of mustard, salt, and a pinch of lemon juice if desired.

A plate of eggs will be an excellent complement to your boneless ham in Brunch in providence. Quiche is an Easter brunch favorite that can be made ahead of time. If time is running out, use a per-made cake base. A mushroom and cheese quiche is an ideal complement to your ham without overwhelming it. If quiche is too rich for your taste, you may want to serve deviled eggs or poached eggs. Serve plain muffins with the main course. Buy enough muffins to have leftovers for ham sandwiches. Serve fresh juices, sparkling cider, and a bottle of light sparkling wine with your brunch entree.

9. Vegetable Dish

Best Mediterranean restaurant for Brunch in providence
Vegetable Dish

The easy preparation, cut the woody stems, toss the asparagus in olive oil, sprinkle with salt, and bake at 425 degrees for 18 minutes, flipping the asparagus halfway through the cooking time. If asparagus is not a suitable option for your family, consider serving carrots or small peas in a light honey glaze with finely chopped shallots.

10. Dessert

The brunch restaurant near me is generally a heavy meal, so you may want to top it off with a light dessert. Make a traditional angel food cake and add a coconut lime frosting. Although a bit heavy, a sweet potato pie will also make a great dessert option. If you are entertaining young children, you may want to offer ice cream instead of a more traditional cake or tart. And of course, a basket of Easter candy!

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