Why Should You Buy A CSGO Fresh Prime Accounts?

CSGO Fresh Prime Accounts
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Counter Strike Gaming Series is a part of the multiple-billion dollar eSports community and being proactive is key to penetrating this niche. Whether you opt to buy csgo prime account to simply have fun or with the intention of cashing into this. Irrespective of you being a high-rank player or a beginner, this blog will guide you in your quest.

All About Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is an addition to the already successful series of games. This fourth-generation game in the Counter-Strike series sticks to the essence and presents the same gameplay. CS:GO is a multiplayer game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve in 2012 and ever since its initial launch, Valve has been adding regular updates including larger content additions and smaller balancing patches.

If you are failing in your endeavors to achieve high rank in CS:GO and want to start off fresh,  you can opt to buy csgo fresh accounts. Suppose, you’re a good player but still you keep de-ranking due to a hacker or de-ranker in CSGO then what will you do? Read through the article to get your answer.

Many users who are usually looking to create an alternative account choose to buy csgo smurf accounts or fresh accounts. You can get particular types of fresh accounts, which will include csgo accounts will medals, loyalty badges, high hours, high private rank, csgo prime accounts and 10- year veteran coin. All these accounts are made to facilitate your matchmaking experience and enhance the overall gameplay.

Why You Should Buy CSGO Smurf Accounts?

CSGO smurf account is a matching system in which users compete against high-scoring players using a low-scoring account in order to take advantage of emerging matches.

Smurf accounts are of many types and generally you can get them at any rank. Even professional players like Tarik, Coldzera and Nico have their smurf in global elite. The only classification in CSGO Accounts is whether they are prime accounts or not.

The main reason why users lose essential matches and fail to become a global elite boils down to one primary factor. And that is cheating by de-rankers or hackers in the server. Since it is nearly impossible to win against hackers, you end up losing games and ultimately start to de-rank.

The only solution to all of this lies in opting to get a global elite account by choosing to buy CSGO fresh prime account. Unlike non-prime accounts, where players have to link the account with their phone number and purchase prime status from the steam store.

Well, with the launching of prime accounts, this game has become much easier than before, but it’s crucial to buy csgo prime accounts from a reputable and reliable platform.

Benefits Of Using CS:GO Prime

To start with, In Online Counter-Strike players with prime are matched together and they share the same danger zone. Other than this, Prime users are also eligible to receive exclusive souvenir items, weapon cases, item drops and are given access to every community-operated server. In the list of these Prime-exclusive items, MP5-SD Lab Rat Skin came as a breakthrough and since then the list continues to increase.

You’ll also be able to avoid cheaters if you’re using the prime account. Unfortunately, aim botting, wall hacking are some common practices in Counter-Strike. However, Prime status acts as a deterrence to hackers as they dwell on non-prime to avoid the risk of getting banned on prime ( for which you have to pay $14.99).

All this together makes it a brainer for you. Get your Prime and enjoy hacker free gaming experience.

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