Can Water Help You With Your Acne Breakout?

Can Water Help You With Your Acne Breakout
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A lot of debates are there on diet has significant role in promoting skin health. It includes dietary patterns, food groups and nutrients that can bring drastic change to your skin health. Amongst these controversies, whether water consumption has an impact or not is still there. Here, in this blog, we are trying to find out the answer.

Advantages of drinking water on your skin

  • Reduce skin toxins

As your skin is hydrated, it will be able to retain most of moisture. Water also washes away nasty toxins from the skin. So, having plenty of water is the best for flushing out body toxins.

  • Moisturize the skin

Having a sip or two of water after some time throughout the day will cleanse the skin by unclogging the pores with dead skin cells and dirt (causes of acne). Your skin will lock in the moisture to your skin improving its health.

  • Protect the skin from sagging

Having plenty of water will keep the skin tight and supple. Even if you are under weight loss program, it will protect the skin from sagging.

  • Maintain good-looking skin profile

Skin gets hydrated via consumption of water. As a result, it can secrete enough collagen and elastin for remaining healthy. Apart from skin sagging, it retains the healthy skin pigmentation and color at the same time.

  • Improve immune system

Proper intake of water will give positive impact to the immune function. Therefore, it will shield the body from infections so you can prevent acne. A particular bacteria strain Cutibacterium acnes (C. acnes) give formation to acne and breakout all over the skin.

Several studies show that skin microbiome has an integral role in maintaining the skin health. But it is not evident that water directly protects the skin from C. acnes although it supports the ability of the body for combating against bacteria causing acne breakout.

  • Regularize blood sugar level

If you consume foods low in glycemic index that increases the blood sugar level will alleviate the severity of acne and regularize hormone level. With the help of this kind of diet, you can have control on insulin level as higher level will promote oil production contributing to acne. If you have improper water intake for 3 consecutive days then it will create an imbalance in glucose level control.

By drinking adequate water you can lessen the chance of getting high glucose level. Some studies also show that dehydration affects the ability of body to utilize the insulin effectively. As a result, the insulin level will increase and excessive sebum production. However, extensive research requires for supporting the fact that drinking water impact the insulin and blood sugar level benefitting skin health.

  • Promote natural detoxification

Besides proliferation of fad detox supplements and diets, the body possesses highly effective in-built detoxification system. You must know that skin, digestive tract, lungs, kidneys and liver are all playing their role to excrete toxins and waste from the body.

Even water plays an active role secretly for proper detoxification by carrying out nutrients all over the body and flushing out the toxins. In this way, it will promote the functional ability of kidneys and liver. Water comes out of the body as sweat that removes heavy metals and toxins along naturally. It is assumed that water unclogs the pores that ward off the probability of acne breakouts.

Does drinking water help your acne breakout?

Water possesses its own way for improving the skin benefitting your breakout with time. This is so; because water has multiple functions and drinking plenty of it will indirectly or directly treat the acnes.

  1. Water removes bacteria and toxins from the skin alleviating the chance of clogged pores for bacterial acne.
  2. It locks the moisture into the skin from deep inside that promotes collagen production and healthy skin cell rejuvenation. As a result, acne will heal quickly and there is reduced inflammation of acne pimples and scarring.
  3. Water intake lessens the level of blood sugar. Higher insulin level will increase acne breakout on skin. Therefore you must have plenty of water throughout the day for controlling the blood sugar level as it will detoxify the skin.

No overnight solution is there for acne. It is quite complex condition and deems regular maintenance and care. Not a single treatment can fix it completely and you need to deal with it. As this condition makes nuances and quirks you should follow a good and healthy skin can regime to improve it over the course of time.

Find out more on acne

Acne breakout is the most common skin condition almost people of every age faces it. If not treated on time, this can result in acne scars which are more dreadful declining the health of the skin. Learn more about acne scars from here along help on consultation and appointment with a dermatologist.


Remember, staying hydrated is really very important not only for your overall health but also for your skin health. Although the link between acne breakout and water intake is not extensive yet this plain natural fluid promotes skin health to a great extent. It hydrates the skin, promote the immune system, control blood glucose level and support natural detoxification.

As a result, there is a high probability that your acne breakout will get some help. In case, you have severe acne breakout that causes scars then discuss about the treatment options with your dermatologist. You can visit Clinic Mantra for more details.

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