What are the top tips when you bring your children to a Chinese restaurant?

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Sometimes parents face the problem of their child’s unwanted behavior when they visit a restaurant. Well! If you are worried about the same, then in this blog we have mentioned the tips on how to pass your child’s time when you take them to the Chinese restaurant London. Keeping these in mind will help you and your child to enjoy chinese food to the fullest.

What are the top tips when you bring your children to a Chinese restaurant?

Tips when you take your child to a restaurant

  • Distract them with something they are not aware of

You are about to step into the Chinese restaurant for the first time, which means your child is not familiar with the environment. You should make them familiar with the use of chopsticks and how to use them properly. To start with, you can place the rubber band on the chopsticks as this way it will be easier for them to use it.

  • Ask for the fortune cookies

Before the food arrives you can keep your child busy with the fortune cookies. Inside it, they will get a message and it will be a special experience for them. You can help them to read it and understand what it means. Moreover, there are Chinese zodiac signs which tell them what it is. Moreover, you can make it a fun activity and do it with all the family members who are present there.

  • Order dishes from the Kid menu
  • Children do not prefer to have spicy or hot food but having the traditional Chinese dish can surprise them. So, make sure that when you order food for them begin with mild flavors and try to include everything of different textures. You should order dumplings and egg rolls for them as it will be easier for them to cut the same. You should try out the wonton soup and egg drop as they are going to enjoy its taste to the fullest.
  • You should order the cold noodles or lo mein in sesame sauce as kids will think they are having spaghetti. When chicken and vegetables are added in a light sauce, then it becomes easy for the children to enjoy its taste and it is also easy to chew.


Etiquette tips

Sometimes, even adults are not familiar with the etiquette of a Chinese restaurant, so children will know about the same. So, here are some of the points which everyone should keep in mind:

  • Do not place the chopsticks straight up in the rice bowl. If you do so, then it is considered bad manners.
  • Make sure that you only pick up the food with chopsticks and do not use it to spear with it.
  • Chopsticks are not made to be used as drumsticks. So, make sure that you don’t do this as it will annoy other people having their food.
  • If there is leftover food then you should ask the staff to get it packed so that you can take it home and the kids can enjoy the same.

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