How to choose your first pair of Sports Glasses?

How to choose your first pair of Sports Glasses?
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Your regular glasses do not work for sports. You already have many trials and resulted in skewed glasses or no glasses at all. You want to enjoy your sports activities wholeheartedly and not keep adjusting your frames on the nose. So, the right sports glasses are very crucial. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, you need the right glasses to give you good vision and protect your eyes from any harm. About 25 per cent of severe eye injuries are because of sports. So, you need to be careful while you are on the field.

To make your buying process easier, here are a few steps to get the best sports glasses for your eyes and game.

Step 1: Choose the suitable material for your sports glasses.

Sports is a rough activity. Your first concern will be the durability of the glasses. Most glasses nowadays are durable and do not break too easily. They are made from plant based acetate or plastic acetates. They are good enough for your everyday chores but not for sports. 

If you play any racquet sports, you are at constant risk of getting hit in the face. Your glasses will break from the impact, harming your eyes in the process.

Most sports glasses are made from polycarbonate, a more rigid plastic. Many safety glasses are also made of this material. Face shields used by firefighters and eyeglasses used in labs to protect from acids are made of this material. Your sports glasses made from these materials are resilient and give you enough protection, whichever sports you play. You will not get any glasses shards in your eyes after any accidents, thus avoiding sports injuries. 

Actics glasses from Specscart are made out of TR90. This material is highly flexible and resilient. It can bend into any form and revert back to its original condition, making it a good contestant for sports glasses. You can give a try to these sports glasses frames.

Step 2: Choose the adequate structure of the sports glasses frames.

After you are done choosing the material for your sports glasses, determine the correct structure of your frames. Regular glasses fall off your face when you run or jump a lot. They come off your face even when you are picking up your dropped coins from the floor. The reason is the structure of the glasses. While the eyeglasses are made in a way that they sit on your face comfortably. They do not provide any hindrance when you are sitting or standing doing your work. But for sports, you are running around, jumping up down and being too sporty, the glasses cannot stay on your face. Most sports players do not wear glasses even when they have vision issues. They will put on contacts or wear glasses with straps. Edgar Davids wore sunglasses during his games because of glaucoma. 

Glasses with straps might look uncool. If you want to look trendy, then you can choose sports glasses in a wraparound structure. They fit snugly on your face and do not fall off. 

Another benefit of wraparound sports glasses is that you will not feel the glasses pressuring your nose and temple when you wear a helmet. 

If you love going on dirt racing, your biking sports glasses have to be in a wraparound structure. Otherwise, you will be distracted all through the track.

Also, make sure there is not too much design on the top of the frame. If you cycle or ride a bike, your thick frames will block your view. To ensure a full field view, you will need glasses with a slightly higher top with a thinner top line or no line.

Step 3: Choose the exact fit for your sports glasses frames.

When choosing any glasses, the correct fit is essential. If you wear your glasses too tight, you will get a headache. If you wear them loose, they will keep slipping down. 

The right fit is crucial for sports as you cannot stop in between to catch your flying glasses. Imagine playing badminton, you swing your racket in one direction, and your glasses fly in another. 

Whenever you are choosing your glasses, pay attention to the glasses measurement. If you are unsure, order them for a free home trial. You can look for sports glasses for a small face. It’s better to find ones that fit your face. If they do not, it’s no use wearing them.

A good fit also ensures less fogging. If you like cycling, you will find your vision foggy. You will have to stop and clean your glasses. An excellent fitting sports glasses give enough ventilation that air will pass through the frames without touching the lenses or fogging them.

Step 4: Choose the right lenses for your sports glasses frames.

After you are assured that your new sports glasses frames will not fall off your face or give you any discomfort, you can next decide on the lenses. You can choose polarised lenses if your sports activity is primarily outdoors. Get UV400 coating over the lenses too. You need to protect your eyes from all kinds of harmful lights and natural elements like wind, dust, and debris.

If you keep moving in and out of venues, you can try transition glasses. They protect your eyes in every kind of light and weather. They are slightly expensive but worthwhile.

Step 5: Choose the right tint colours for your sports glasses frames.

The last step in choosing sports glasses is selecting the right tint. Some colours give a better view and enhance your performance. If golfing is your sport, get red-tinted eyeglasses. They give you better colour and depth perception. You can clearly distinguish between the green golf course and the blue sky and not miss any scores.

For racquet sports, you can get grey tints. This will ensure you do not get any glares in the sun and affect your performance. Similarly, you can try yellow glasses for making your view brighter and more precise.

After you are done with all these steps, you can consider style. You need the best quality sports glasses to protect your eyes and enhance your performance. Stylish designer glasses make you look fabulous. However, make sure they are matching all your requirements. Otherwise, they are good as not wearing them.

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