Creative soap wrapping ideas

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With the increasing demand for nature-friendly and homemade products of all kinds, there has been a rise in home-based crafts. If you want to start a home-based business of your own, soap-making is a great option. You can make your soaps at home with a very small amount of equipment and only a little investment. The raw materials and manufacturing equipment are easily available. You can learn to make them with all the free video tutorials online. You can also become a professional vendor by taking a small course on soap making.

Soap packaging

In addition to making your soaps attractive, you need to make the packaging attractive too. The packaging and presentation of the soap are equally important if you want to make your soap business thrive. Here we will talk about some soap wrapping ideas that can make your soap packaging unique and attractive.

Paper soap wraps

If you want to make the packaging minimal and light, soap wrapping paper is the best option. There are different types of paper to attain the type of wrapping you need. The wrapping that you should select must be corresponding to the look of your soap to complement it. There are different types of paper wraps that you can use to make your soap look more presentable.

For simpler and more natural soaps, the wrapping should also look nature-friendly. For this purpose, Kraft paper is a great option. The brown woody texture and color of the paper is a great idea to complement the soaps. Just take a piece of simple or printed Kraft paper and wrap it around the soap. Tie it up with a ribbon or jute twine to complete the look.

Another option to use as wrapping paper is corrugated paper. Corrugated paper is used for the safety and packaging of many products. It consists of two flat sheets of brown paper with a corrugated sheet in the center. This design apart from giving a great look to the packaging also gives cushioning effect to your soap.

Watercolor paper wraps with various colored prints are also used in the wrapping by many soap makers. They can be made by hand on white paper and wrapped in soap. This makes them look more personalized and cuter.

Apart from water-colored paper, many kinds of gift wrapping papers are available on the market. They can also be used to wrap your soaps. You can choose the colors and prints of your choice and customize them however you like.


Instead of using just soap wraps, you can also add a box to the packaging. Customized soapboxes make your soap look more organized and presentable. Many types of soap packaging boxes are available in wholesale markets for you to choose from for your soaps.

You can choose a simple reverse tuck end box. These boxes have a top and bottom reverse closure with friction lock property. This packaging box can secure your soap and prevent any damage to its shape. They can be simple or printed depending on your choice.

Pillow boxes are also available for soap packaging which are made of flat cardboard that can be folded into a pillow shape. These boxes are perfect to fit in your beautiful soaps and give them a unique and exquisite look.

Sleeve boxes are also made of cardboard. These are two-piece boxes with a lid and a bottom in which the soap is placed. The lid covers it such that it can slide past the bottom to expose your soap to the customer.

In addition to these options, you can choose a simple cardboard box with a window. Any above type of box can be incorporated with a window in which a plastic sheet is attached. This packaging perfectly displays your soap to make it visible without having to take it out.

Paper bag packaging

You can use a paper bag instead of a box. Simple Kraft paper bags are available for the packaging of all kinds of homemade products. These can be simple brown paper bags or printed bags. Brown paper bags are the perfect choice for soaps with natural ingredients. These bags look attractive as packaging and also they are a much cheaper choice.

Add embellishments to your packaging

Whether you are using a simple soap wrap, soapbox, or a paper bag for the packaging, you can jazz up the look by adding embellishments. These can be anything that adds to the look of your soap packaging and make it look fancier. Let us have a look at the creative options to make the packaging more beautiful.

  • If you are making herbal soaps for your clients, you can add dried leaves or petals of the herb on top of your soap wrap. This gives a beautiful display of the herb that you have used in the making of your soap.
  • You can add tags made of cardstock or Kraft paper to the soap. This tag may contain the name of your brand or the details of your soap on it. You can stamp the tag with your logo to make it prominent. These tags are available with printed texts or plain so you can add the text of your choice.
  • On top of your soapbox or soap wrap, you can add a wax seal. These wax seals are becoming increasingly popular especially on the packaging of homemade products. They are available in all kinds of colors. They can be of a certain print, or you can have your company logo pasted in the form of the wax seal on your packaging.
  • Use can also use printed or plain washi tapes to add a fancy look to your soap packaging. Washi tape or Kraft tape can be particularly useful to secure soap wraps in place on your soaps.
  • In addition, you can also use ribbons or jute twines to add fun to your soap packaging. They look particularly pretty with soap wraps. They can be simply tied around or made into a bow to complete the look.




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