Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer: Full Bio, Height, Age and Net Worth

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer
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Born in Los Angeles, California, the USA, in 1963, Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer is a 58 years old artist and actress. The actress is of American nationality; however, she belongs to mixed ethnicity. She is a knowledgeable and well-educated person.

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer is the mother of one of the most celebrated artists, Doja Cat. She is a Jewish-American personality who started her career with a television show. Having been a part of shows like ‘Friends Don’t Let Friends Date’ and ‘Martyrs- The Chronicles of Blood’, she is quite a well-known artist in the industry. Deborah Sawyer is a very creative and crafty personality. Apart from being a fantastic actress, she is also a fantastic painter. She likes to paint environment-related sceneries.

Professional achievements and Net Worth

The Jewish-American actress started her professional career with television shows like ‘Friends Don’t Let Friends Date’ and ‘Martyrs- The Chronicles of Blood’. However, based on her creative orientation from adolescence, she established her media presence in her early teenage years. Over the years, the actress has gained a substantial amount of net worth owing to her acting and artistic career.

Current Relationship Status

For 15 years, Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer was married to Dumisani Dlamini, a South African film producer, actor and composer. The actress and her husband conceived two beautiful daughters- one of whom is Doja Cat. However, after 15 years, the couple filed for a divorce. Deborah Sawyer, as doja cat mother raised her single-handedly. Her husband moved back to South Africa soon after their divorce.

Any Recent Scandal

There has not been any prominent scandal or media activity of immense prominence in the actress’s life. Deborah Sawyer has always kept her distance from all kinds of rumours. Even during the tweet controversy of Doja Cat around the world ‘faggot’, Sawyer managed to keep her distance from the narrative.

Social Media Presence

Unfortunately, the actress is not very active on any social media platforms. Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer is not present on either Instagram or Facebook. Also,  she does not hold any Twitter accounts as well. The actress is quite the opposite of her daughter in this aspect. Doja Cat is very active and has a buzzing social media presence; however, Sawyer, on the other hand, likes to keep her profile low on social media platforms or in the media. She enjoys her time with her painting career in the company of her daughters.

Name Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer
Age 58 years
Year of Birth 1963
Nationality American
Height 5’7”
Gender Female
Number of Children 2
Profession Actress and Artist
Marital Status Single
Ethnicity Jewish
Net worth $200,000
Weight 55 kgs
Eye Colour Dark Colour
Hair Colour Blonde

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer is a talented personality who is now a household name. She had pretty humble beginnings. Also, as a doja cat mother, she has derived some of her fame from her daughter’s success as a rapper. Sawyer’s efforts as a single mother have paid off with her daughter’s success. Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer’s journey inspires so many single mothers and working women.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer divorced?

She was married to a South African producer and filmmaker; however, she divorced him after 15 years of marriage.

What is Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer’s marital status?

She is single.

Is Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer Doja Cat’s mother?

Yes, Deborah Sawyer, Doja Cat’s mother. She has a younger daughter as well.

Us Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer, an actress?

Yes, she is an actress and an artist.


Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer is an inspiration to so many. An actress, an artist and a mother- a woman did it all! Her efforts paid off with Doja Cat’s successful rap career. Lately, she has been keeping a low social media presence because she has been enjoying her time as an artist in the company of her daughters.

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