Difference Between Superdrol And Winstrol

Difference Between Superdrol And Winstrol
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Superdrol and Winstrol both are steroids helpful to remove excess body fat, build lean muscles, and make our body energetic. These steroids are mostly used by cyclists, fighters, runners, football players, and many other athletes. Both these are oral steroids and are recommended to beginners by many trainers.

Some differences between Superdrol and Winstrol are discussed below;


Superdol is another name for methandrostenolone. It is one the most popular steroid which is in use by many athletes and bodybuilders.

It is an anabolic androgenic steroid popular in the market as it has a base for losing fat and gaining muscles. However, make sure to go through the Superdrol cycle guide before using it.


Bodybuilders and fitness trainers like to call Winstrol a Winny. Whereas, it has the chemical name stanozolol. One of the similarities between Winstrol and superdol is that they both are oral anabolic androgenic steroids.

Winstrol is derived from Dihydrotestosterone.  The very first use of Winstrol included dealing with many diseases. Later bodybuilders found this steroid quite beneficial in losing weight and pulling on some muscles.

Earliest History

Winstrol was commercially available to use in the early 60s whereas, Superdol is popular among bodybuilders for 9 years. Bodybuilders rely more on Winstrol. On the other hand, the most famous athletes are also relying on superdol.

As Winstrol was released in the early 60s, it is available for use in the market and online. Likewise, superdol was reclassified as methasterone. It has similarities to drostanolone.

Special Supplements for Body Builders

Superdrol is specially designed for athletes to melt their body’s excess fat and to promote hard, lean, and dry muscles. It increases the hardness of muscles and vascularity. It helps us gain muscles by reducing our body fat.

However, Winstrol aims to produce energy and increases the ability of our body to build and preserve lean muscles in less time without losing body fat and muscles. This supplement allows us to take our body to another level by helping us gain athletic speed.

Betterment In Body

Superdrol boosts strength and nitrogen retention in our bodies. This supplement also helps in amplifying amino acid uptake and protein synthesis in our body. It also helps us produce additional muscle cells. It is often used by athletes and bodybuilders who want to bulk up quickly.

While Winstrol increases our metabolism and helps us achieve more strength and energy. It also helps us improve the ability of the thyroid gland. It also helps in the process of collagen synthesis and stimulates cells in muscles to produce more protein. It improves the production of red blood cells in our body and gives more oxygen to the body, including muscles.

Performance Time

Superdrol is a very fast oral steroid and can start working within just two hours and often less and Winstrol will be working pretty much immediately after you take your first dose. Both differ in their performance. Oral Winstrol works very fast and actively. They can show great results within 9 hours after the first dosage. Likewise, results can be seen within a week.

In comparison, Superdol shows results within a few weeks after the first dose. It slowly increases the levels of testosterone within the body. On the other hand, Winstrol works very fast.

Half-Life Time

The half-life time of a drug is the time over which it stays in the body of a user. Many excretion studies show that Superdrol is detected until forty-eight hours in urine while the half-life of Winstrol is twenty-four hours.

Amount Of Safe Intake

As a dietary supplement, one tablet in the morning of Superdrol and one tablet in the evening of Superdrol can be taken. While we can take Winstrol in doses ranging from 20 to 80 mg per day for the purpose of losing weight.

Both of these steroids are helpful in losing weight and gaining muscles. Whereas, the amount is dedicated to each of these steroids in order to save oneself from severe side effects.

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