Expectations from hotel services in 21st century

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Some people plan their trip and travel months before the actual date and sometimes they decide it one day before. Whatever and however the plannings may be done, the main focus lays upon the hotel that one should choose for their stay. Travelling makes the individuals pretty tired and all they want is a luxurious comfortable room with a view. Hotels are considered to be the most important of the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry has grown so much in the previous years and now it is at its peak. There are one or the other type of modernizations being a part of this industry and people are loving those moderations a lot. For instance, in earlier times people had never thought of staying in a hotel that had a poolside view or had a personal jacuzzi. But nowadays, these requirements have become essentials. Some people keep it as their basic requirement before checking the facilities of a hotel. Also, all we expected from food services in past times was a complimentary breakfast or a complimentary dinner or over the top, it could be in-room eatery services.

Now people not only expect paranthas, but they expect various types of eatery menus on their table not only for dinner or lunch but for breakfast too. Certain hotels have started offering us different ranges of breakfast starting from a very light breakfast that includes cereals, cornflakes, bread butter, milk, smoothies and fruits. The other counter of food offers something in South Indian like dosa, idli, uttapam, and stuff. They want certain drinking items like coffee and that has to be Americano or Espresso. So, every want comes with an expectation now. If the hotel fails to fulfill the expectations, people won’t review it well. One of the most promising services of JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu helps us in having a memorable staycation. A hotel should always focus on one thing that is the satisfaction of its customers.


 Let us know about the expectations of people in general from a hotel nowadays:- 

Accommodation services, as we all know refers to giving your apartments or place on rent for a certain period. Hotels do provide that accommodation services but people expect it to be the best one. They want their room to be non-chaotic and be at least as big as an idle ratio. The next thing they expect is a bathtub and an aesthetic bathroom. This should also include certain luxuries like a separate shower part and should also include some good lights. A mirror is a must for some people and a side table with the washbasin to keep their skincare things. Also, people look for good sensor lights nowadays. So that whenever they wake to go to the washroom, the sensor light pops up itself. In short, they want their staycation as dreamy as it can be. They want to have big wardrobes in their room that provides cute white slippers, big towels and bath wrap. They want high-quality room services that include 16 hours of service per day, the breakfast being delivered in bed and complimentary services like laundry. All these services are included in the trip menu that you will pay for. You just have to look for the services that best suit you and pay for them accordingly. Sometimes, the laundry, washing and spa services are given complimentary by the hotel itself. 

  • Food and beverages

The next most important thing that people expect from their hotel services is the excellent quality of food and beverages. They want their food and drink table to be filled up with various types of cuisines and cocktails. When you are on a staycation you want yourself to be treated uniquely. You don’t want to have the food that you eat in your daily routine like fruits, curd with parathas, some daily routine vegetables and milk. People prefer having a unique kind of breakfast that includes cuisine from the various city’s like Chinese, Italian, south Indian, and even north Indian sometimes. They just want their food to be as good as finger-licking. Some people prefer privacy while having their food, they might order something that they like specifically. If that particular thing won’t be on the menu, it will be frustrating for them. Vacations are meant to be relaxing and food is the best thing that lightens up your mood. Everyone becomes a foodie once they are on their vacation mode, therefore the hotels have to look upon this matter very carefully so that they don’t lose their important customers. So, now we know that how important it is to fulfil the food and beverages expectations. 

  • Additional services

Accommodation, hospitality and food services are the basic services that any hotel provides. People expect some additional services like complimentary massage, spa sessions, swimming pool, workout or gym place, gaming sessions or entertainment sessions in the hotel premises. Some hotels also provide transportation services and the services are included in their total cost. It is up to the budget of the guest that if you wants to include such services or not. Budget is another aspect but every individual expects such services to be rendered by a hotel. The hotels that are built beachside also have some cruises and these cruises are used to have a tour around the hotel area. Casinos are another important expectation that people have from a well built-in reputed hotel. This culture was mostly followed in Goa in prior times but nowadays it has been introduced in every hotel and people are enjoying such services so much. 

So, these are the expectations that people have from a hotel. It ranges from accommodation services to food and additional services like transportation, gym sections and swimming pools. It is nothing something that is very special or over the board but these are certain luxurious services that people want to enjoy whenever they are on a staycation. All such aesthetic services are available at JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu. A staycation can be memorable only when the hotel provides you with enough hospitality. 

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