Experienced Landscapers, in Broward County

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Landscaping involves the process of enhancing the beauty of spaces. It encompasses tasks such as maintaining lawns trimming trees and controlling weeds. These services play a role in ensuring that homes and commercial properties maintain their appeal.

Specialists in Parkland offer lawn services to residents and businesses in Coral Springs and Tamarac. They provide lawn mowing, edging, weed control and even mulch installation. Their expertise also extends to tree trimming, removal and irrigation services.

Guidelines for Broward County Contractor Licensing

Fort Lauderdale Florida is renowned for its beaches, sunny weather and delightful cuisine. Given its climate and thriving tourism industry both residential and commercial landscaping services are highly sought after here. If you’re planning to hire a professional for these services it’s crucial to verify that they hold a license, from both the state authorities and Broward County before finalizing your decision.

Licensed contractors are required to provide proof of liability insurance covering property damage as workers compensation coverage. Moreover they must carry a general liability insurance $1 million.

To obtain a contractors license, in Broward County, Florida individuals are required to submit two sets of plans. These plans should encompass a site plan, both existing and proposed structures, hardscape elements, lighting arrangements, plant materials and survey details. It is important to label the plans, with the contractors name, license number and contact information. The process of acquiring a Broward County contractors license can be intricate as it involves government agencies.

Getting a Broward County, Florida contractor’s license can be a complicated process and involve multiple government agencies. However, it is possible to avoid confusion and frustration by using a service like LicenseSuite. This proprietary website allows users to access all of the required information in one location, saving them time and money. This service is offered by Business Licenses, LLC, and includes a free trial period.

How to renew landscaping Broward license

In Hawaii, you must obtain a state license from the Contractors Licensing Board to work as a landscaper. You can get a C-27 Landscaping broward Contractor license or a C-27b Tree Trimming and Removal Contractor license. To be licensed, you must pass an exam and show liability insurance or a surety bond. You must also complete seven hours of board-approved continuing education each year. One continuing education unit is equal to one hour of professional-level training.

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