Explore the Potential of Your Google Home with These 11 Fun Features.

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Do you know that according to an RBC analyst, the estimated number of Google Home devices sold worldwide during 2018 was 52 million! And of those, 43 million were sold only in the United States. The war of smart speakers is clearly heating up. And Google seems to leave others behind!

When I invested in a Google Home device a couple of years ago, I wasn’t much acquainted with all its cool features and fun tricks. But now, I’m a seasoned user and I even rely on it to find me the answer to what are the different spectrum TV packages before I subscribe to one. and online searches are just one thing, it can do so much for you.

Let’s take a swirl around some incredible possibilities!

11 Fun Functions, Features, and Hacks of Google Home

  1. Weak Memory? Google Home Will Remember it For You.
  2. Google Home Can Be an Active Member of Family Games.
  3. Get Your Due Dose of Work-Out Motivation.
  4. Play White Noise and Ambient Sounds.
  5. Simultaneous Broadcast to Every Google Home Device in the House.
  6. Make Hands-Free Calls to Your F&F.
  7. Locate Your Lost Smartphone.
  8. Find Local Businesses, Plumbers, and Handymen.
  9. Explore a Treasury of Stories.
  10. Call Yourself an Uber.
  11. Become Multilingual with Your Google Home.

Weak Memory? Google Home Will Remember it For You

It’s okay to be clumsy and forgetful. Consider this a side effect of the hectic lifestyles that we have. And with Google Home, it doesn’t have to be a problem anymore. It can remind you of all the big and small chores that you tend to forget.

Leverage it as an extension of your memory. All you have to do is to simply tell it to remember and remind you to pay your bills, water the plants, drink more water, and so on.

Google Home Can Be an Active Member of Family Games

Got kids and tots in the house? Consider Google Home a part of your family indoor games! You can enjoy tons of different games. Play musical chairs, sound pet, guess the sound, freeze dance, and others to enjoy a fun-filled evening with your kids.

Moreover, you can simply play some nice beat and ask your kids to show their moves. They would love it!

Get Your Due Dose of Work-Out Motivation

Deep inside you realize that fitness is very important. Yet you are lazy and need a budge every single day? Google Home is here to your rescue!

Just tell it to remind you and say something motivational for you to get up and burn some calories.

Play White Noise and Ambient Sounds

Insomnia and sleep issues are on a rise. More and more people are turning to apps for soothing ambient sounds and white noise to achieve a few hours of peaceful sleep. Your Google Home can play it for you. Simply tell it, “Hey Google, play the rain sound,” And your device obliges with a nice, steady downpour.

Furthermore, you can also set a timer for the music to play.

Simultaneous Broadcast to Every Google Home Device in the House

Heading home to set out for a vacation or a birthday party while your family awaits you? Or, you plan to surprise them! How about making an exciting announcement on all the Google Home devices? All you have to say is, “OK Google, broadcast that everyone should pack their bags, or get ready for a pool party.”

Also, you can use this broadcast feature for less-exciting things such as homework time, dinner time, and so on.

Make Hands-Free Calls to Your F&F

Want to engage in a conversation while you stretch and exercise? Take advantage of the hands-free calling feature. Tell your Google Home to search your Google Contacts and call your mum, bestie, whoever you plan to talk to.

Since Google Home is smart enough to recognize voices, so even if you share the device with your other family members, it will know who is asking to place. So, don’t worry about your mom or BFF being confused.

Locate Your Lost Smartphone

We all have been there! Amid our recklessness, our phones slip into the couch or are left on the balcony while we rushed inside for something urgent. And later, you can’t remember where you left your phone. So, just tell Google Home to find your phone and it will ring it. Simple as that!

Moreover, this feature applies to both, iPhones and Android phones.

Find Local Businesses, Plumbers, and Handymen

This is perhaps one of the most convenient features! Tell your Google Home to find you a plumber. And it will give you a hassle-free list of relevant results of all the plumbers nearby. The same goes for other handymen and local businesses.

Google itself and companies like Porch and HomeAdvisor screen the results that you see.

Explore a Treasury of Stories

So, your kids dig storytime? That’s a good thing if it can keep them off-screen. And Home can replace you if you don’t have time. It has tons of family-friendly stories to narrate to your kids. So, unveil that list and tell it to entertain your kids.

Call Yourself an Uber

Do you use Uber often? Link your Google Home and Uber account. Once you tweak the settings, you can tell Google Home to call an Uber for you. And guess what. Uber is at your doorstep and you didn’t have to open the Uber app at all!

Become Multilingual with Your Google Home

Practicing multilingual skills? Home is your companion! You can speak French, German, Japanese, Italian, and of course English with your Google Home. If you have Google Assistant on tablets and phones, you can have more languages too. For instance, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Indonesian, and so on.

So, the next time you command Google Home for Spectrum Time Warner bill pay, try doing so in another language that you speak!

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