Fall-Themed Christmas Party

themed Christmas party
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A Developing Trend

Christmas celebrations may be increasingly common in September going forward. There are a few different reasons for this, not least of which is cost savings. Shopping in September will expose you to better deals. Also, Rosh Hashanah takes place in September, depending on the year, and there are messianic Jews who believe this was the actual birth of Christ.

Accordingly, there’s a legitimate reason to reposition the holiday; especially when you consider Christmas was initially designed as a way of taking over Saturnalia, which is a Pagan holiday celebrating the winter solstice.

There are others who believe the birth of Christ actually happened between March and May, but what almost everyone agrees on is that it wasn’t in December. So with this knowledge, some people are starting to celebrate Christmas in the fall, September specifically.

Meanwhile, other people live in areas that don’t really see snow, and they’ve always associated autumn with Christmas. For either scenario, we’ll explore a few things to think about when designing décor for your autumn-oriented Christmas party.

  1. Interior and Exterior Decor

    There’s a lot to recommend for a fall-decorated Christmas tree. Colors, for one; the autumn palate looks great on an indoor conifer. Oranges, yellows, and browns define autumn décor for more reasons than their proximity to tree changes at this time of year.

This is in large part owing to how the trees change once you get to the end of September. Also, though, certain plants like Pumpkins become ripe at this time of year, and they have that iconic, archetypical fall “orange” color.

You’ll want your tree, your wreaths, your garland, and decorations to match. Whatever you do inside, you’ll want to reflect in terms of exterior décor. Imagine a scarecrow in a Santa outfit, to give you some idea of the sort of decorative tactics you might want to consider.

  1. Lighting Arrangements

    As you’ll have autumn colors in décor, you’ll want to incorporate them into lighting. This is easier than ever owing to LEDs, and how those LEDs can be controlled via smartphone. You can choose the color palette you like, and design it to slowly transition through associated colors. You can put those sorts of light strips on your fall-themed Christmas tree as well.

  2. Differing Treats

    Pumpkin pie is perfect for a fall-themed Christmas party, as is turkey, stuffing, and the like. This is, perhaps, the only scenario where including candy corn in stockings might be a legitimate move. You can switch up the sort of “treats” you prepare, and for some, this is a clear advantage. S’mores are delicious, and ideal for fall-themed Christmas décor.

A Different Way to Celebrate Christmas

People celebrate Christmas around the world in a wide variety of ways. For a lot of folks, when it comes to décor, the inherent qualities of autumn tend to be quite desirable. Just be sure when you decorate the inside and outside of your home, that your decorative themes match. Also, put together lighting and treats that complement this theme.

Fall Christmas parties, celebrations, and decorations are trending. If you’ve never explored this sort of décor before, it could be a fine way to shake things up this year.


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