How to Fix Malwarebytes connecting service issue on PC?

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Being secure when using your computer should be the top prioritization because a large number of users utilize their computers to save important data such as the numbers of credit cards, PayPal login credentials, corporate files such as. The loss of your information due to an attack from viruses isn’t something you’d like to occur, however, these events occur and they could be experienced by anyone.

Be sure to install an effective antivirus program and ensure it is secure by running security checks all every day. Your best friend is common sense. No antivirus is able to detect every virus and take care of every threat. The majority of users rely on free online scanners, but they may fail us…

“Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Unable to Connect the Service” Error

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) is software that you can download via the Internet and utilize to combat infections caused by malicious programs. It is a full-featured version. program isn’t free, but you can download a trial version that should be sufficient to deal with the danger.


However, a few users have complained that the tool has started to malfunction. If users click its icon, the circle starts moving with an error warning is displayed in the background, stating “Unable to start. Malwarebytes unable to connect the service fix“. This could be a major problem, particularly if you require this tool immediately. Learn how to fix this problem in the following article!

Option 1: Check to See If There Is Something Wrong With Malwarebytes Service

Malwarebytes is software it installs on your PC. This message suggests that the software has issues communicating with the particular service. If the program is experiencing problems or has been shut off then you can switch it back on by following the steps below.


  • To access the complete list of the services running within the Windows PC, click on the Start menu on the bottom left of the page. Click on the Search bar. Type “services. MSC” and then open the first result, operating this as an administrator.
  • Click on the name column to purchase the services alphabetically and find that Malwarebytes service.
  • Right-click it and click Properties.
  • Look for and select the Startup type option and switch it to Automatic, if another option has been activated.
  • If the service isn’t running, ensure that you begin it by clicking Start until the state changes “Running”.

If this happens then follow the below steps to fix the issue

  • Follow steps 1-4 in the steps below to open the Malwarebytes properties.
  • Go to your Log On tab, then click on the browser… option.
  • In the “Enter the object name to select” box Enter your computer’s name, then click Check Names and then wait until the computer’s name is able to be authenticated.
  • After you click OK, you will be completed and enter your administrator password in the Password box when asked for it.
  • Click OK, then close this window.
  • Return to Malwarebytes Properties and then select Start.


This is likely to resolve your issue if it is due to the service being shut down. Reboot your system and take pleasure!

Option 2: Reinstall Malwarebytes From Scratch

Many users have stated that the reinstallation of Malwarebytes solved their problem permanently and is something to try immediately. If you bought a premium version Premium edition of this software it is necessary to find a method to locate the Activation key and ID. You should be able to find this information through the site that you downloaded the program from, but there are alternative methods.


  • Enter “Regedit” in the search bar that you will be able to find after pressing the Start Menu.
  • Select one of the addresses below to find your Key and ID according to your computer’s structure.

After you have found your Key and ID and Key, you are able to start the removal procedure. Follow the directions carefully if you wish to continue using your Premium account after removal.


  • Open MBAM > My Account and then click Deactivate.
  • Open Settings > Advanced Settings, and then uncheck the box next to “Enable self-protection module”.
  • Close the program, and then download MB-clean.exe from the Malwarebytes website (the download will begin immediately).
  • Close all programs that are open and then temporarily deactivate your antivirus.
  • Use the MBAM-clean.exe tool and follow the instructions in the display. Reboot your PC when you are asked to.
  • Download the most recent version of MBAM on their website and install it following the directions on the screen.
  • Uncheck the box next to that Trial option.
  • When the program is running After the program has launched, click on the button that says Activation.
  • Input the Key and ID that you have obtained from your registry into the dialog box that will instantly enable your license.
  • Enjoy using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium!

If you’re not currently using the Premium or Pro versions of MBAM just follow steps 3-7 to enjoy the updated version of MBAM.

Option 3: Antivirus Issues

Malwarebytes was advertised as a program that could work well with other software and programs that you have installed on your computer. But, based on the feedback of other users it is possible it could be the case that this Malwarebytes anti-malware “Unable to Connect the Service” might be caused by your antivirus program.

  • In the beginning, users have mentioned that they had never experienced similar issues when they used the same antivirus in conjunction with MBAM and this problem could result from the use of a single variant of Malwarebytes.
  • You could simply keep waiting for a patch or hotfix to be made available which will fix these problems.

But, if you absolutely have to utilize Malwarebytes as soon as possible there are many alternatives you could consider.


  • The best option to try is setting the exception to MBAM within your antivirus program. This setting is different between programs but is generally simple to find it.
  • The majority of people complain about this problem particularly those who use F-Secure, which is an antivirus program designed for Windows.
  • Try setting the Malwarebytes folder to be added to the F-Secure’s (or the other security software you may be employing) exception list, then run MBAM once more.

Option 4: Uninstall MBAM in Safe Mode

If you’re unable to remove MBAM in a proper manner at normal startup, you can try restarting your PC in Safe Mode and then uninstalling it.


  • Enter “MSConfig” in the search bar and then go to the tab for Boot.
  • In the tab called Boot Check the box under the safe boot choice. Then select that radio icon next to the Minimal option.
  • Click OK and confirm that you’re ready to reboot your computer.
  • The computer should be restarted with Safe Mode.
  • Open Settings by clicking the gear icon within the Start menu. Then, navigate to the Apps.
  • Find MBAM in the installed programs and click Uninstall.
  • Open MSConfig again and deactivate the option to boot from safe mode.
  • Make sure to install MBAM using the most recent version from their website.

Option 5: Reinstall the program using Malwarebytes Support Tool

It is possible to use the help tool to deinstall and delete all remaining Malwarebytes files from your PC and install them correctly. Follow these steps:


  • Download and run the Malwarebytes Support Tool
  • Once the program has been downloaded move onto the “Advanced” “Advanced” tab.
  • After restarting your computer, download the most recent Malwarebytes Setup via this (link)
  • After the setup file has been downloaded. You must enter safe mode. It is possible to learn more details about this (here)
  • Once you have entered safe mode, install Malwarebytes, then restart your computer to go into normal mode.

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