Which fundamental features should you be knowing about the fasteners?

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Fasteners are those joining parts that are helpful for joining either two or more objects mechanically either by using them for a permanent basis or a non-permanent basis. According to the fastener manufacturers, the fasteners can be of many types. Each of them has a different use and purpose. According to the fasteners suppliers in Australia, the fasteners can be broadly categorized into two types and those are the permanent fasteners and non-permanent fasteners.

Which fundamental features should you be knowing about the fasteners?

So as you might have guessed, we are going to talk about the basics of the fasteners in today’s article.


Permanent fasteners

The fasteners which are designed for single-use are accountable for permanently joining either the two materials or the parts. If you remove the farmers, then you will end up destroying them.


Non-Permanent fasteners

The non-permanent fasteners are those fasteners that are designed by taking several things into account which you will never experience with the permanent fasteners. The non-permanent fasteners can be removed and they can be taken into account for the reusability. These kinds of fasteners may include bolts and screws which can be used in a number of industries. If we are talking about the non-permanent fasteners, then these can be threaded or non-threaded.


Threaded fasteners

Threaded fasteners are considered as the customary kind of fasteners which are used for assembling the components owing to their ease. These can be installed and uninstalled as per the need of the individual. There are particularly three predominant kinds of threaded fasteners which may be as follow:

  • Bolts
  • Screws
  • Studs


How many types of threaded fasteners are there?

Threaded fasteners can be of the following types:


Bolts and the Screws

These usually come up with the hexagonal head which is having a thread. These can be used in conjunction with a nut or in a threaded hole.


Carriage Bolts

The carriage bolts are also known as the cup square hex bolts. These may be having a smooth rounded head which might be having a square beneath. Their predominant function is to secure the metal of the wood.


Eye Bolts

These kinds of bolts may be having a circular ring instead of taking the traditional head into account. These are used to fix either the rope or the chain on the surface.



The round objects can be attached with these bolts which may include the pies and the tu]bes that may get attached to the wall and the other surface.


Wood screws

These may get featured with either or both the smooth shank or the tapered point. These screws can be used in the wood and these may come in different head shapes which may include the Philips, slotted and the Pozidriv.


Machine Screws

The machine screws are accountable for being used with the nut or the tapped hole. The thread cutting machines are also available which help to feature the thread cutting point.

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