Furnace – how to install?

Furnace - how to install?
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Safe use and effective operation of a furnace depends to a large extent on its proper installation in the heating system by experienced professionals. Afterwards, the furnace should be commissioned by the service – these are usually authorized teams cooperating with a given manufacturer of the device.

Where to put the furnace?

When choosing a location for a condensing furnace, it is important to have access to media – water and electricity (e.g. to power circulation pumps and control automation). In the room where the furnace will be installed, it is also necessary to ensure effective ventilation and the possibility of supplying fresh air necessary for gas combustion and flue gas discharge.

Because the furnace has a closed combustion chamber and works very quietly, it can be placed in the kitchen, bathroom or pantry, i.e. in a room that is not intended for permanent residence of people. This is in accordance with the regulations, provided that the power of the device does not exceed 30 kW, and this is most often the case when company performed thermomodernization in a small house.

In addition, this room must have a volume of at least 6.5 m3 and a height of not less than 1.9 m (in a renovated building, and in a new one – 2.2 m). It is also important to remember about the need to discharge the acidic condensate into the sewage system.


Hallway or corridor:

These rooms are used less often. With such a location of the furnace, it will be more difficult to empty it of water during its repair. It will also be difficult to drain the condensate to the sewage system. The furnace placed in the hall can be hidden in a wardrobe or built-in niche, leaving the necessary ventilation openings at the bottom and top of the door.

Boiler room in the basement:

Companies can consider this solution if installing a new device in a modernized installation, especially since we have easy access to the chimney. Remember, however, that it must be tight and resistant to condensate.


The advantage of this option is the small distance of the furnace from hot water draw-off points. Let us also pay attention to the fact that in order for the hanging device to work safely and without interference, it should be mounted outside the outline of the bathtub or shower tray.


Thanks to the fact that the furnace has a closed combustion chamber, you do not have to give up using a kitchen hood in this room. In small houses, hanging models are often chosen, which are placed in a row of cabinets or hidden behind the door of one of them. Some manufacturers’ furnaces require leaving a minimum of 10 cm of space from the casing, ensuring easy access for inspection or repair, while for others, 1 cm is enough – it depends on the design of the device.


Who should install and commission?

Both new and modernized heating installations should be carried out by professional installation companies with appropriate gas and electric licenses. In addition, the basis for the implementation of new installations should be a technical design. In both situations, starting the heating system is a kind of test of the work of expert teams. It is also an important moment for the subsequent operation of the condensing device due to the adjustment of its operating parameters made at that time.

The first start-up of the furnace is usually performed by installation or service companies specially trained for this purpose by individual manufacturers, which is confirmed by appropriate certificates.

Depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations (they are included in the manual attached to the device), commissioning includes a set of activities, such as:

  • checking the gas supply system,
  • checking the air-flue duct (exhaust fumes into the atmosphere and supply fresh air from the outside necessary for gas combustion ),
  • tightness of the water system,
  • control of electrical connections,
  • water level in the heating circuit (its quantity and quality).

If the subsystems in which the furnace operates comply with the technical design, regulations and standards, generally accepted building practice and the manufacturer’s requirements, then it can be commissioned.

First of all, you should set the parameters of the heating system and the furnace, adapting them to the expectations of the household members. It is worth knowing that a good quality device has about 100 parameters that can be programmed.

After commissioning the condensing furnace, a flue gas analysis should be carried out by a specialist. Do not underestimate this activity, because it affects the quality of the device’s operation and the length of its service life. To properly adjust the ratio of the supplied air and gas, professionals use a flue gas analyzer.

If the reading is correct, it is printed and attached to the copy of the warranty card sent to the manufacturer and to the original kept by the user of the device. The last stage is training the user in the use of the device and filling in the warranty card.

Please note that starting the furnace can take up to several hours. Its cost (apart from the travel fee) is usually covered by the manufacturer of the device.


Furnace repair in Toronto and Barrie

Now you know how a furnace is designed and how it works, its types and benefits. All that’s left to do is to decide on a company to help you do it.

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