Get the Introduction of Ethical Hacking

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The case of hacking became popular almost immediately after today.  Today you can often hear: “I want to become a hacker, cracker”, and questions about how to break the site have flooded the internet, even considering that recently there are many examples of spectacular trials in this case.  about the informational pests of the network space. The first rule in owning this business is: before you become a hacker, read the law and think about responsibility.

Before you become a hacker, you need to understand what it is.  There are several myths in society about this computer craft and they are all only partially true. First of all, it is believed that a hacker is a programmer who is very well versed in this field and enters programs, databases, security systems, etc.  Part of this statement is correct, namely that these people are highly qualified.  The rest is not true: initially, program hackers use alternative solutions, solving a lot of difficult problems.  Those who break programs for destructive purposes are called “crackers” and are not highly respected by programmers.

The very word “hacker” is sometimes used when it comes to a first-class specialist who knows the smallest subtleties of his craft and is able to solve professional problems outside the box.

But now, most people understand hackers as criminals who steal information that is not intended for publication or fall into the wrong hands (for example, passwords, secret government documents, personal information of users, etc.).  Also, the understanding of hacking in society is so vague that those who create and distribute viruses and have illegal access to money accounts are ranked among them. We can say that a large group of people consider them harmful. We will adhere to the concept of hacker as a capable and intelligent programmer, whose activities do not aim at destruction and theft.

How to become an Ethical hacker: creativity

To be an ethical hacker with CEH certification in Middle East ,you have to become ahacker first who is a creative person, because the basis of this activity is to find atypical solutions.

The peculiarity of hacking is diversity, so new problems need to be solved that require a non-standard approach.  This is how skills are developed, which is the main characteristic of a hacker.

Knowledge and languages

To become one, you must have a high level of intelligence, specific knowledge and practice.

The most important thing is to learn how to program.  To do this, choose a language, learn it and practice it.  For a true master, it is not enough to know a language perfectly, so you have to understand the principle itself, the method of any language, to be able to study any other in a few days, correlating some differences with those already known.

How to become a hacker: practice

Books and lessons can only provide a general theoretical idea of ​​this issue, so if there is no desire to teach languages, you want real practice, effective method – read other people’s codes and write your own. In the end, you just have to clear CEH training in Abu Dhabi and you will be certified as an Ethical Hacker.

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