Ultimate Guide to Get Your Content into Google News

Ultimate Guide to Get Your Content into Google News
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These days, all SEO experts are doing their best to get the best SEO results and ranked online sources as fast as possible. For such a task, they try to use different types of platforms and sources. When it comes to increasing the website’s credibility and authority, everyone has to focus on creating quality links only. Quality links are useful to bring lots of quality traffic to the website as well.

Hey, Google News also appears as one of the best options to post the content and generate some traffic-bringing opportunity quickly. It is the only way that can be useful in making lots of things better. Google News is a specific platform that is created to share information with the users and prevent fake news easily.

The platform is designed by taking care of all users’ requirements and needs. For the convenience of users, it is available with the options of multiple languages. You can pick language as per your comfort level. It serves the valuable information and news with 65 different languages in 127 countries.

How To Get Your Content Into Google News?

All SEO professionals want to get their content displayed or published in Google News to achieve your online goals and earn the trust of the users. Many, individuals search for the best suitable option as well. There are two major ways to accomplish such a task, such as –  

  • Google News Publisher Centre 
  • Let Google News Discover Your Content 

In both ways, the interested ones have to take care of lots of things, like – Google News guidelines, content optimization, and much more. 

Method 1: Google News Publisher Centre 

The use of Google News Publisher Centre is helpful in getting the content crawled quickly by Google News bots. By submitting your website here, you can submit a request to Google News to crawl your website and check out the content for publishing on Google News. It offers lots of benefits as compared to the normal web crawling, such as –  

  • Website’s discovery process becomes better 
  • Content classification gets improved 
  • Crawling process efficiency becomes better 

You also have some chances of getting content published on Google News without submitting the website. Submission is helpful in availing of several benefits that make lots of things better and come up with the best crawling process. It is the major reason that’s why an SEO expert considers Google News Publisher Centre. 

At once, you submit a website for Google News crawling; after that, you will get a reply within three weeks. Here, you may get accepted or rejected. In case you face rejection, you may not get a specific reason. There is a specific forum provided by Google News where you can find a solution to such a problem for better understanding and providing some clarity. 

In case you identify the issue, you should make changes in the content accordingly and try to re-submit it. According to Google News guidelines, an individual can re-submit a website or content after 60 days of rejection. 

Method 2: Let Google News Discover Your Content 

In this method, you don’t have to do anything. Here, the interested ones need to create content by paying attention to Google News guidelines only. If your content has genuine and new information about some top niches and prepared as per the guidelines, then Google will discover it own and publish in Google News. In this process, you have to keep the content well-optimized technically, on-page, and SEO.  

With the help of these two major methods, you can get your content into Google News. With all these things, you cannot avoid the importance of well-optimized content.

How To Optimize Content For Google News?

Technical Optimization 

Design & Layout 

As we know, Google always thinks about users’ comfort by which it can provide the best services as fast as it can. For a better understanding of the users, the website’s design and layout play a big role. With it, you have to be focused on the HTML code. It needs to be completely plain and away from all types of problems.  

In case your website’s HTML code is available with several impurities or complicated codes, it can lead to lots of confusion for bots to understand. To keep things sorted, you should present all elements in a particular order, such as –  

  • Headline 
  • Image 
  • Date 
  • Article Body 

Site Architecture 

The site architecture is the main aspect that will be crawled or accessed by Google News. For achieving the online goals by getting the content published in Google News, you should try to keep the sire architecture easy to understand and completely clean. You should set up an easy to access and understand the navigation panel that can lead the users to other relevant pages without any problem. 

Google News Sitemap 

Having Google News Sitemap is not any kind of essential step. You can get content into Google News without that as well. But, according to SEO experts, it is an important step to take. As per the experts, Google News Sitemap will increase the chances of getting content crawled and indexed by Google News crawler. 

Loading Time 

The loading time of the article plays a crucial role, as well. Mainly, it is a ranking factor. By measuring such a factor, Google News crawler will estimate the website’s performance. In case your website takes lots of time to get load and present content in front of the users, then it can lead to several problems. Here, you can proceed with some specific technical optimization techniques, such as – image optimization, Javascript minification, caching, compressing, etc. 

Secure Source

Another important factor that can help you make things better is security. You have to keep the website fully secured with the implementation of the SSL certificate. SSL certificate brings a big change in the website URL by turning HTTP into HTTPS. In case your website has any HTTP link, then you should not forget to redirect it to HTTPS. 

These are some technical aspects that you should take care of while optimizing content with an objective of getting it published in Google News. 


This blog is contributed by Kavya Sharma. she is currently working for Webomaze Technologies which provides #1 Ecommerce SEO Services

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