Easy Tools To Showcase Instagram Content On Website

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There has been a constant increment in the efforts made by brands and businesses to boost their digital channels’ performance and one such channel of major concern has been their website. 

Brands & businesses are facing rigorous challenges in attracting traffic, engaging website visitors, or improving their conversion rate. But recently, there have been emerging trends to improve website performance.

One such emerging trend is the integration of Instagram feeds on websites to bring powerful social media content on the website to achieve the goals & objectives. 

Instagram Content On Website – What & Why?

Instagram content on website means that you aggregate the content from your Instagram profile or user-generated content around hashtags into a feed and display it on your website to achieve intended purpose & delight users. 

But why would you choose Instagram content out of all the options?

Well! Firstly, Instagram is the most popular social media platform nowadays as it has over a billion active monthly users and half a billion daily active users with the highest engagement rate among social media platforms. 

The reason for such popularity among users is simple, it is the Content. The Instagram content is one of the best & most engaging as it is a perfect mix of images, videos, text, etc.  

Also, the content is dynamic & diversified along with premium quality aesthetics making it extremely popular among users. Therefore, channelizing this content towards the website can unlock many growth opportunities. 

So, here we have listed a few popular tools to showcase Instagram content on the website.

Best & Easy Tools To Showcase Instagram Content On Website

1. Taggbox Widget

Taggbox widget offers a dedicated tool called Instagram feed widget that is free to use and has an extremely easy & simple interface. 

The tool lets you collect & curate content from Instagram into a feed using hashtags, profiles, tags, mentions, etc. You have the option to customize your feed using beautiful themes, design elements, colors, fonts, layouts, styles, etc. 

Besides, you don’t have to go through the hassle of monitoring each & every post as it offers advanced content moderation functionality with automation option. 

You can expand your Instagram content feed possibilities with automatic instant updates to maintain fresh & unique content. You can also manage rights to user-generated content and measure the performance of your Instagram content feed using in-built insightful analytics. 

There are other options such as adding the CTA button, custom posts, API access, banners, announcement posts, live stream integration, responsive design, mobile-friendly interface, etc. 

2. Juicer.io

Juicer.io is a social media aggregator tool that allows you to create an Instagram feed and embed it on your website. The tool has various plans & pricing options to choose from. 

With this tool, you get the option to customize your Instagram feed using different themes, responsive layouts, styles, etc. It has an advanced filtering option for your moderating the content quality of your Instagram feed. 

The tool gives you an easy option to embed content on the website and you also get automatic content updates from Instagram that remove your manual labor efforts for updates. 

Some of the higher plans offer features like feed analytics to measure the feed performance or custom API access to personalize your Instagram feed according to your liking & needs. 

3. TwineSocial 

TwineSocial is also a social media aggregation platform that allows you to curate and display content from social media. Similarly, you can aggregate and embed content from Instagram as well. 

The plans and pricing listed on their website are quite high as compared to the other tools in the list. 

With TwineSocial, you can customize your feed either through custom CSS or the ib-built customization options like layouts, designs, themes, etc. Besides, you can also analyze the performance of your feed using the in-built analytics. 

You can also moderate what content you want to show and what content you want to hide from your Instagram content feed on the website. There are other options as well like adding CTA, or shopping feature integration, etc. 

4. Curator.io

Curator.io is also a social media aggregator tool that you can use to curate content from Instagram and embed it on your website. The tool offers an easy process to integrate content on a website. 

There are many features of this tool and starting with customizations, you have the option of customizing your feed with different theme templates, moderating the quality of content using advanced content filters.

The tool offers a simple and clean design for your Instagram feed. Also, the feed contains lightweight code with SEO-friendly possibilities. The user interface is easy and you can easily add your custom or sponsored content to the feed. 

It is a mobile-friendly tool that provides various plans and pricing options giving you the flexibility to choose the plan that best suits your budget and fulfills your objectives.  


These were some of the popular tools that will help you easily curate, customize, and showcase the Instagram content on your website. Every tool has its specific USP’s. 

The integration of Instagram content on the website will help you attract traffic, improve search engine rankings, increase user engagement & dwell time, deliver information perfectly, and even increase your conversion rate along with social media integration with the website. 

So, identify the undiscovered opportunities of your Instagram content, choose a tool from above, create your Instagram feed, and showcase Instagram content on your website to leverage the aforementioned benefits.

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