Guide to School Admission and School Fees in Ahmedabad

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About Ahmedabad

The largest city in the state of Gujarat and former capital city, Ahmedabad is a significant economic and industrial hub in India. Majorly known as a tourist attraction, Ahmedabad is also known as Amdavad. 

A river known as Sabarmati runs through it. It is famous for its street food places, cotton textiles, diamond cutting, and much more. The fifth most populous city in India, Ahmedabad is 25km from Gujarat’s capital Gandhinagar, also called its twin city.  

Being the second-largest producer of cotton, Ahmedabad is known as the ‘Manchester of India’. In 2012, Ahmedabad bagged the first rank in the Times of India survey of the best city to live in. Being the largest stadium in the world, Motera, the newly built stadium by Mr. Narender Modi can accommodate 132,000 spectators. 

Education in Ahmedabad

An important hub for higher education, Ahmedabad has its history extending back to pre pre-independence era. There are two types of schools in Ahmedabad- the one managed by Amdavad Municipal Corporation ( AMC) and the one managed by individuals and trusts. 

Most of the schools are affiliated with Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSEB) but some schools are affiliated with the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE). The city is known for its high-quality education therefore many people migrate from surrounding cities to Ahmedabad for education.

School Admission in Ahmedabad

Admission times are always challenging for parents and students. The entire process can make you feel overwhelmed if you don’t have the right information with you. School admission in Ahmedabad is made simpler with this blog.

Process of School Admission in Ahmedabad

Most of the schools have a special team of counselors delegated for school admission so that parents do not face problems in the entire process of admission. 

Parents get a clear view of the admission process that makes school admission in Ahmedabad transparent and easy.

Step 1 – Fill the online form: Most of the schools have online inquiry forms available on their official website. You just have to fill the form and the school representatives will contact you.

Step 2 – Book a virtual tour or visit the school: You can visit the school after taking an appointment. During the pandemic, schools also offer virtual tours in which you can look in and around the school from the comfort of your home. Before attending the virtual counseling, go through the official website of that school so that you get a fair idea of the school facilities. During the process of your research, make notes of questions that are occurring to you or jot down other things you would like to have clarity on.

Step 3 – Fill the application form: If you feel satisfied with the school, you can fill the application form and pay the application fees. Application fees are generally non-refundable in most schools. You can confirm this with the school representative of the school or check the refund policy and terms and conditions. 

Submit the documents along with the application form- Birth certificate, Child’s recent Passport size Photograph, Medical certificate, Residential Proof Address.

At this step, you can also look into the scholarships that are provided by schools. Because almost every school has a list of scholarships available to students based on merit in academics, sports, or extracurricular activities. The provision of scholarship is made to encourage students from all walks of life to be a part of the school so that holistic growth takes place and excellent interpersonal skills develop.

Step 4 – Interview / Written test : The school conducts a short interview or written test to determine the present knowledge and skills of the student. Then a list of shortlisted students is made available.

Step 5 – Payment of term 1 fees– Once your child is chosen among the many students, you can pay the term 1 fees and complete the admission process.

Finally, you will get information about the joining date, syllabus, books, uniform, etc. This completes the admission process of school admission in Ahmedabad.

Now let’s talk about the important factor that may affect your decision while choosing a school i.e., school fees in Ahmedabad.

School Fees in Ahmedabad

The school fees are variable. The school fee is dependent on the grade of the student. You generally have the term fees quarterly.

The average annual school fees in Ahmedabad ranges from  Rs. 65,000 to Rs. 1,25,000. Many schools have a very transparent system and they display the exact fees they charge on the school’s website.

Please note that you should go through the refund policy of the school as well as the terms and conditions so that you may make an informed decision. You should also check the cost of transportation, uniform, and books because those are not generally included in the annual fees. 


India is a developing country and it is a possibility that many parents won’t be able to afford the fees of the private schools but every school provides provision of scholarship so that high-quality education is accessible to all. 

The scholarship period ranges from 1 to 3 years and it is renewed every year. So, talk to the school representatives to see what goes well with your pocket. 

Three tips for getting a scholarship:

  • Be proactive – Look for scholarships well in advance to eliminate last-minute rush and to meet deadlines. Search for all the possible scholarships available in the desired school. 
  • Best References – Every scholarship requires a reference check. The references could be teachers or principals of the previous school. The better the references, the better are the chances of getting a scholarship.
  • A strong statement of purpose – Make a strong statement of purpose document. This is one document that can give your child an upper hand over other children. Every parent has a different life story and every child has his special qualities. This is a great opportunity to highlight these aspects. The more genuine your writing is, the more the probability that the panel of experts will be able to connect with the writings.

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There are some of the best schools available in Ahmedabad. All you have to do is conduct good research and find out the school that is best for your child. 

Because each school has special features that make it different from other schools. So you need to identify the needs of your child and look for a school that caters to his needs. As school is a stepping stone for your child’s bright future. The better the decision, the better the future of your kid.

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