Handbags and Sandals that are Staycation friendly

Handbags and Sandals that are Staycation friendly
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Western employers and other employers around the world (most of them) emphasize greatly on Work-Life balance. This may seem an ideal workplace for a person where their employers emphasize having some time off from work and having a balance between their personal life and work life.
Employers don’t do that for no reason. In most organisations, what employers want from their employees is a highly efficient work rate and employees can’t be efficient if they are exhausted with the monotony of work-life, so therefore, the employers urge their employees to take some time off from work and enjoy their own life as well.

And so, suppose, your employer has given you some days off and you plan to enjoy these off days at someplace that has a beach so that you can enjoy nature as well as your off days as well.
If you’re planning to spend the trip on a beach, then you’re going to be needing different accessories that are accustomed to or made keeping in view the requirements of the beach.
For example, you can’t take your ordinary or daily use shoes or sandals to the beach because they have their limitations and putting them on the beach is one of them.
Secondly, you can’t take your daily use handbags to the beach as well, again due to their limitations as they are not made to be taken or worn to the beach.

So, what are you left with then? Probably, nothing and you might be thinking to call it off but you really shouldn’t as we have the solution to it.

You might be going through the internet looking for good handbags and strappy sandals that would prove their worth on the beaches but trust me as you surf through the web, you’re going to get more and more confused and so we decided to put together a list where you can find essentially every bag that you should get if your trip involves going to the beach or anywhere else. And also, these bags can also be put to use or worn for daily use as well. So, it’s not like something that should only be taken to beaches. You can take them practically everywhere and we are sure you’re going to love these bags for the various properties and uses that they provide. Let’s get started-

  1. Satchel Bags-

The first is satchel bags. The purpose of a satchel bag is to make the customer’s life easier. They’re tough, roomy, and easy to transport. They look wonderful with their clothing. There are also different types of prints that make the bag really aesthetic. It opens from the top, making it easy to load and making it much larger.

  1. Straw Beach Bags-

These beach bags are the King (or shall we say the Queen, haha) of bags because they are stiff and remain erect even when it’s empty and nothing inside them. Also, you won’t have to worry about the bag getting dirty and stinky and smelling if it falls on the sand. These bags are the greatest bags to bring to the beach. They can hold your food, a packed drink, or sunscreens, allowing you to relax and enjoy your sunny beach day.

  1. The Tote Bags-

Tote bags come in so many various styles and colours that you won’t need to move to another category to find what you’re looking for. The Tote Bags have a lot of variations. They come in various price ranges and come in a variety of colours and designs. We’ve included a few of them below; simply choose your favourite and match it to your clothing and needs.

3.1- Leather Tote-

These totes are considered luxury totes and are made of various sorts of leather depending on their intended use. Unlike other bags, these totes don’t come with a lot of extras. They simply create a polished and classy appearance.

It just completes your look with a traditional yet subtle touch. A full-sleeved top and a pair of casual jeans, or a straight formal dress with a crop top and shorts for a vacation look, will give your outfit all it needs to look its best. It has a larger capacity and can hold a lot of your belongings. If you need to bring some additional items on vacation, this is the ideal option for you.

3.2- Jute Tote-

These bags are constructed from jute which is a long vegetable fibre. These bags are very popular these days, and not just for vacations but they can also be used on a daily basis.

Different front designs and compartment closure styles are available for Jute Tote Bags. For example, single compartments having a single zip to close them are common these days. A few purses come with magnetic buttons to provide a stylish touch. Take the Jute Tote, carry it and forget about everything else on a beach day if you want to be light.

3.3- Beach Tote-

These bags are made for beaches, as the name implies. These bags are typically constructed of canvas, polyester, or plastic straws, which make them resistant to heat, sunlight, and sand. They come in large sizes, so if you want to take everything with you to the beach, including your clothes and skincare routine, grab this one.

3.4- Canvas Tote-

These bags are the brightest and most colourful, with a variety of designs and prints. These are the most regularly used totes, as well as the most commonly used vacation totes. Mostly due of the variety of colours offered and the ease with which they can be worn.

3.5- Small Totes-

These tote bags are substantially smaller than regular tote bags. Because they are compact, they come with two small handle straps and one longer one to make it easy to port and free your hands. They are intended to carry tiny goods that are required, such as your phone or sunscreen lotion, and you want to keep your hands free. They don’t have a lot of compartments, but because they’re compact, they’re loaded with cute drawings and bright handles to make them appealing.

Different Factors To Consider When Picking a Bag-

You should know how to choose a beach bag before going to the beach. When looking for beach bags, the following factors should be kept in mind-

The Substance-

The beach bag’s material should be verified and examined thoroughly. Another type of Beach Handbags is the Cotton beach bags which are the most popular since they are easy to wash and reuse. See whether you want that or if you want something that can be machine washed, and even if you want something that can be worn without being washed, that is also available on the market.

The Capacity-

People who are more organised than the average person have a habit of dividing practically everything into divisions. If you’re one of them, check the compartments to see if the bag is large enough to contain all of your belongings according to your needs.

The Accessories of the Bag-

These days, a bag can be decorated in a variety of ways. You should check the decoration of the bag whether it suits your personality and the getup and not because comfort is the first priority, looks matter as well. So you don’t want to be choosing a bag that doesn’t suit you.

The Closure-

Handbags are where you keep your personal belongings that you don’t want to lose. Bag closures are available in a variety of styles. Some people prefer buttons that are magnetic or that are simply open. To ensure that you don’t lose anything crucial while having fun, purchase a beach bag with a zip closing.


The above list of some of the handbags and small handbags that we have put together might as well be the best list or suggestions that you may find on the internet as it is only and only focused on getting handbags for the beaches.
In case you’re deciding on a trip to the beach for a day or for a few days, the bags mentioned above must be checked out before you proceed on departing for the destination.
We hope that the list satisfies you. Thank you for reading 🙂

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