Here are the 5 Fundamental Why’s Of Opting for a Commercial Grease Trap

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The most pertinent question that comes to the mind when talking about grease traps for commercial kitchens is why should I opt for one? What is the reason of opting for it? And the questions continue. The main reason for this is because we tend to think in terms of the cost that will be coming our way.

Here, we shall be talking about the various questions or “why’s” that come to our mind when thinking about opting for a commercial grease trap installation services. All these are very common questions and valid ones, each of which deserve an answer. And we are here to talk about these very answers.

Here are the 5 fundamental “Why’s” of commercial grease traps:

  • Why grease trap at all?

The number 1 question on the list, this has a valid point. Now, the function of a grease trap is to trap all the Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) and not let them pass into the drainage and clog them. This prevents their accumulation that can lead to many issues like bad odor, blockage of drain, etc. which can affect the business functioning in adverse ways.

  • Why invest in grease trap?

Contrary to the popular belief, opting for a grease trap and grease trap cleaning are very much affordable. There are many such grease trap companies that offer government-approved high-quality services at the most affordable rates. Moreover, the cost of a grease trap is much less compared to the services it provides, including being environmentally friendly and providing protection of pipes from unneeded wear and tear.

  • The “Natural” Why?

By the “Natural” why, we mean to say the environmental usefulness of a grease trap. Other than its own usefulness of keeping measure of the FOG, hiring grease trap installation services also brings in the option of a sustainable waste disposal i.e. the disposing of all the waste in the trap in an eco-friendly manner. This maintains not just the ambience of your commercial establishment but also the external surrounding by preventing the spread of germs, hazardous materials and foul odor.

  • The Why of grease Trap maintenance?

Grease Trap maintenance is stressed a lot. This involves having your commercial grease trap cleaned atleast once every 3 months as per the laws. Also, another thing to keep in mind is to get the grease trap cleaned when the waste has collected to its 25% level. Keeping these two things in mind help maintain grease traps for better functioning over a longer period of time.

  • The Why of scheduled cleaning?

Another thing that comes with grease trap maintenance is scheduled cleaning. This is a service that many grease trap agencies offer. They will come once in a while and carry out a routine checkup to make sure that everything is functioning the way it should be. This too, along with the maintenance, is strongly suggested in order for the extended functioning of the grease trap.

The two things that we need to keep in mind on our part, which are also reasons for grease trap services, are:

  • No DIY stuff- You should not try to clean your commercial grease trap on your own. It requires professional expertise to clean it the way it should be cleaned. Trying to do it yourself can be hazardous to your health.
  • Waste Disposal- As mentioned earlier, waste disposal requires professional expertise as well. There are procedures that need to be followed. Otherwise, you will end of spreading the waste and ruining the neighborhood environment.

These 5 Why’s prove why opting for grease trap installation services serves a great deal for commercial kitchens. Contacting a grease trap agency will help you get a better view of all these aspects.

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