Here is Why Fiber Optics Network is the Right Choice for Businesses

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For a business to survive in this competitive market, the internet is not a luxury but a necessity. Without an internet connection, even a startup cannot function for long. Small businesses need an internet connection to tell the world about their business venture and reach out to suppliers, vendors, and prospective customers.

The speed, bandwidth, and reliability of the internet network decide the success of the business in many ways, even though DSL and copper cables have been in use for decades), enterprises much more than what these two are offering. That’s where the fiber optics network gains advantage.

With fiber optics network becoming increasingly available in not just the metros but also the towns, enterprises located away from the city center are also able to invest in a powerful fiber optics network. We can see that many top names in the market have already moved on to the fiber network from copper cables. The demand for fiber networks has increased so much that there are now numerous service providers promising uninterrupted connectivity for a less price.

Here is Why Fiber Optics Network is the Right Choice for Businesses

Enterprises can contact the best fiber optic network provider for businessto revamp their internet connection and install the new network and compete with other businesses in the market. However, even with the increasing demand, some enterprises are wary of using the fiber optics network. The main reason for this is the misconception that the fiber network is too expensive and is meant only for multinational enterprises.

Nothing could be farther than the truth. The fiber network is suitable and convenient for every enterprise. Though installation costs are indeed high, they have come down by a huge margin. Currently, the fiber network costs only a little over the copper cables while offering benefits that the copper cables cannot even provide. The DSL connection cannot even think of competing with the fiber network.

High-Speed Internet

The fiber network is famous for high-speed internet connection ranging from 15 Mbps to 1000 Mbps.

Faster Uploads and Downloads (Symmetric Speed): If faster speed is one point, symmetric speed is another. It means that the network takes the same time to download and upload a file, instead of providing a faster download speed but slower upload speed.

Live HD Streaming and Video Conferences: With a high-speed network, enterprises can have video conferences at a time that’s convenient to everyone rather than physically travel to the other location and make an appointment for the meeting. Live streaming videos is a great way to boost social media presence of the enterprise.

Low Latency and High Reliability: Latency refers to the fluctuations in the network. These disturbances increase during peak hours when there is maximum load on the network. Fiber networks can handle a huge volume of data transmission without suffering from latency issues.

Greater Bandwidth- Unlimited Usage Facility: Enterprises do not have to worry about using all the available data before the month ends and having to struggle with bare minimum network speed. The fiber network provides almost unlimited data usage facility.

Steady and Strong Connectivity in all Weather Conditions

The fiber network, unlike the copper cables, is highly efficient and reliable, because of the way they have been designed to prevent data loss and tampering.

Long-distance Network: The fiber network can run for miles. Enterprises located on the outskirts of the cities and in the towns can use the fiber network without compromising on the quality and speed.

Safe from Electromagnetic Field: The copper cables are known for being vulnerable in electromagnetic fields. Data in copper cables can be corrupted and erased by exposing the cable to EMF. Fiber optic cables are safe from such outside tampering.

Unaffected by Extreme Temperatures: Unlike DSL and copper cables that tend to be unresponsive as the temperatures drop, fiber optic cable is resistant to the changing weather conditions. Come rain, sun, or snow, the network will work as ever.

24×7 Cloud Connectivity: Hosting the IT infrastructure, storage, or at least a few software solutions on the cloud is now common. The fiber network provides a seamless and continuous connection to the cloud platform.

Customized Packages and Cost-effective Services

The well-known fiber optic network provider for business doesn’t believe in offering the same package for all enterprises. The network connections and additional services, including network security, can be tailormade to suit the requirements and the budget of the enterprise. This creates a win-win situation for the enterprise and the service provider.

Enterprises have to be doubly sure that they contact and sign up with a trustworthy and capable service provider. Ultimately, the performance of the network relies on the service provider. If the network is free of glitches, the enterprise can make use of it to increase productivity and build a solid presence in the market.

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