How Can I do My Assignment all by Myself

How Can I do My Assignment all by Myself
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Writing an assignment is an important part of academic life. Students often find writing assignments intimidating. But it’s a part of the curriculum. They are a mandatory part of the curriculum. They help in assessing the students’ performance and contribute to overall marks and grades. They help in improving the overall performance of students. 

Often students find writing assignments daunting and they become more fearful when they have to do it all on their own. They often ask the question “How can I do my assignment all by myself?” Students often lose their confidence when it comes to writing assignments but the answer is YES, you can do all your assignments by yourself. There are few things that the students need to keep in mind for successfully writing an assignment. There is a road map that one needs to follow. It will help you finish the assignment with all the details required. 

Writing an assignment starts with the topic. Choose your topic wisely. Prefer choosing a topic in which you have an interest or you are familiar. This way you will be able to write a good assignment. Or sometimes your teacher can also give you a topic. Make sure you make yourself familiar with the topic before starting writing anything.

Important points to be kept in mind for doing the assignment “all by myself”-

  • Time-line
  • Analysis and research
  • Read the information
  • Use library and other research papers
  • Organize
  • Structure
  • Outline
  • Language
  • Take help
  • Referencing
  • Time-management
  • Plagiarism
  • Edit and proof-read
  • Submission

 Let’s discuss all these in detail-

  • Time-line-

It is most important to submit your assignment in time. Make sure you ask your teacher for the date of submission so that you can chalk out your timetable accordingly for the assignment. Planning things in advance and following a timetable will give you peace of mind for doing the work.

  •  Analysis and research-

Analyze your topic well. Get familiar with it. Write down what you know about it and try making questions out of it. After that do in-depth research of your questions. Detailed research will give a deep understanding of your topic and you will be able to find out the answers to your questions. You can research online as well as read books. You can refer to your notes as well. Your classroom notes can come in quite handy. Detailed research will give you plenty of ideas for your assignment. Make sure you write down all the data that you gather from your research. You can also read newspapers according to the type of article.

  • Read the information-   

All the information that you have gathered during your research; write down on a piece of paper. After writing it down, read the information carefully. Make notes out of it. Establish a connection between your findings.

  • Use library and other research papers-

The library is a good resource of knowledge. You can use the resources from the library to carry out your research further. You can also read other research papers. It will give you information to explain your point of view. This will also help you in developing your own writing style.

  • Organize-

After your reading and research, carefully organize your ideas. Write down on a piece of paper in a meaningful way. You will be able to draw links between your ideas clearly. Follow a diagrammatic approach to pen down your research. Attach all the supporting information to explain your points.

  • Structure-

There are different types of assignments and every assignment has a different structure. But the most general that every assignment consists of is “introduction, body, and conclusion.” A structured article will help you in conveying your message more clearly.

Introduction- it includes the intro part of your assignment. It will briefly describe what your assignment is about. It must give the readers an idea about what your assignment contains. Your introduction must be intriguing. It must be able to generate the reader’s interest.

Body- it is the most important part of the whole assignment. It is where the whole information about your assignment is. It holds the maximum information. All the details and explanations are structured in the body. Make sure the facts and figures you describe here are presented in a coherent way. A proper heading followed by the research that you have done. You can also use sub-headings if required. The information presented here must be in a logical way. Give the proper evidence to explain your point.

Conclusion- it will give the reader your concluding statement. It must give an accurate summary of what you have described. Never introduce a new point here. Only summarize what you have explained earlier. It should represent the essence of your article.

  • Outline-

Before writing the final draft, write a rough outline of your assignment. It will help you in the writing process. It will help you organize your ideas more meaningfully and help you rectify if you have made a mistake or have forgotten anything.

  • Language-

Choose the language according to your audience. Make sure you use language that is understandable by the reader. Write your article keeping your audience in mind. As no one wants to pause and trying figuring out the meaning of a sentence. It will only make your readers lose interest. You must write language appropriate articles for your reader.

  • Take help-

Always take help when required. You can always ask your teacher if you get stuck somewhere. 

  • Referencing-

If you have used the references in your assignment then don’t forget to mention them. Using references is a good idea as it provides enough support for your argument. Also, you can also include the point with which you don’t agree. You can give the reference first and then politely disagree to present your contrasting argument. It will create a positive impact on your audience.

  • Time-management-

Time management is the key. Follow the routine that you have made for completing your assignment and submit your article within the given time limits.

  • Plagiarism-

No university or school ever entertains plagiarism. It will only create a negative impact on your performance. Make sure your article is free from any type of plagiarism.

  • Edit and proof-read-

Once you have finished writing the assignment, make sure to edit and proofread it. It is a great way to find out any grammatical mistakes like misspellings, punctuation, and any kind of inconsistencies. Your assignment must be free from any type of errors.

  • Submit-

Once you are done with your assignment, it’s time to submit the assignment. Make sure to submit it in the given timeline.


You can always write your assignment all by yourself if you really try. You have to be focused and disciplined. Make a timetable and adhere to it. It will make sure your time is not wasted. Always believe in yourself. With proper guidance from your teacher and through in-depth research, you will be able to write a good assignment.

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