How Do I Get Hard Water Stains Off My Bathroom Tiles?

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It’s the main responsibility of the house’s owner to keep all the areas and rooms in that house clean and well- maintained. Because appropriate and deep cleaning is necessary to offer a healthy and comfortable living environment for all the members in the house. On the other hand, a clean house reflects the manners of persons living in that house. As we all know, the shower is the main area that interacts a lot with water. So, it’s really important to keep the shower place clean by following all the shower tiles cleaning activities and techniques.

Because a dirty and filthy bathroom and shower area will create a bad impression on others. On the other hand, if you are not cleaning those areas appropriately then tiles will turn black and greasy. So, don’t leave that place without drying and cleaning.

Furthermore, stains and germs will grow faster in a dirty area as compared to a clean area. So, you need to clean shower tiles to remove all kinds of germs and bacteria. Hard water stains occur on shower tiles more frequently as compared to other areas and tiles. Mostly these stains are stubborn and hard to remove and you need to choose an appropriate and professional tiles Melbourne cleaner for cleaning.

So, if you are suffering from hard stains on shower tiles then this article will provide a complete guideline about removing all these stains efficiently. By following these tips and methods, you need to invest a lot of effort and time to fulfil all the cleaning requirements.

Methods to Remove Hard Stains on Tiles:

Hard stains due to water can be stubborn and hard to remove. However, by using a few natural ingredients and cleaning tips you can get rid of these stains easily. These ingredients will help to remove all kinds of hard stains efficiently without damaging the tiles. On the other hand, it will offer the natural and desired cleaning results within no time.

Citrus Juices:

These natural juices including lemon and grapefruit have the acidic properties naturally and offer high-quality cleaning results within no time. So, you can use these ingredients to remove hard stains on the shower tiles.

Moreover, these natural ingredients will leave a spark and shine on the tiles after the completion of the cleaning process. So, you can use these ingredients on tiles without any fear of damage and discoloration to clean shower tiles.

To use these ingredients on shower tiles as natural tiles cleaner Melbourne, you just need to spread the juice of lemon or grapefruit on the tiles. Let the juice sit on the tiles at least for 15 minutes. After that, scrub the tiles with the help of a scrubbing tool in a circular motion.

Moreover, if the stains are harder than you can use it with baking soda as well. However, don’t leave the mixture on the tiles for more than 15 minutes. Because due to acidic properties, lemon juice and baking soda will crack the grout as well as discolour.

Baking Soda with White Vinegar:

These two ingredients are the most commonly used ingredients for cleaning.  Baking soda is easily available almost in every house. So, you need to put a lot of effort to use this ingredient for cleaning. Baking soda will help to get rid of all the hard stains and spills.

Due to its acidic nature, baking soda offers excellent results to clean the hard stains as well as mould. Moreover, it will remove all kinds of germs and bacteria on the tiles. If the stains are hard then do the scrubbing of tiles with the help of a soft bristle brush.

To use separately, make a mixture of baking soda with plain water to clean shower tiles. Try to make a thick paste for better consistency and to get the excellent cleaning results. After that apply the paste with the help of brush all over the shower tiles Melbourne.

Later on, wash out the tiles with the help of plain water and dry the area appropriately. You can also use the baking soda by mixing with white vinegar to treat the hard stains. Vinegar has acidic properties and offers excellent cleaning results.

However, don’t use the vinegar directly on the natural stones and grout lines. Because it will crack the grout as well as damage the natural beauty of stones. So, it’s better to use it by mixing with baking soda or any other mild cleaner for shower tiles cleaning.

No doubt, it’s being worth to spend on professional cleaning activities. But it will affect the budget also especially in the case of small and residential areas. So, it’s better to do the regular and deep cleaning of shower tiles with the help of natural ingredients to get the desired cleaning results.

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