Mail Call: How do I Send a Package Safely?

how do I send a package
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Can you believe that the United States Postal Service delivers over 425 million pieces of mail every single day?

After you add in other shipping businesses, this figure can soar into the billions. Even though these shipping companies work hard to satisfy every customer, there’s plenty that can go wrong when it comes to mailing a package.

Have you ever wondered, “How do I send a package safely?” Keep reading this guide if you’d like to learn the best packaging tips that will allow every piece of mail to arrive in good condition.

Choose the Right Box

The first step in figuring out how to send a package is choosing the right box for your unique item.

A common mistake that people make is putting items in irregular boxes. The best thing you can do is find traditional boxes for shipping products that can fit your item so you can avoid paying exorbitant fees for an irregular box.

Wrap Your Items Up for Protection

When it comes to packaging, it’s also better to do too much than not enough. You should get into the habit of wrapping each item with bubble wrap so nothing gets damaged in transit.

Make sure that your wrapped items don’t have room to slide around inside the box either. Keep in mind that packages are often tossed around all over the place, so do your best to keep everything secure.

Seal Everything Up Tightly

Before sending packages out, you should check for any weak spots in the box that could get ripped open. In addition to going over every opening twice, don’t feel shy about applying tape in areas that seem vulnerable.

Your recipients would much rather fuss with scissors to open your mail instead of getting damaged items.

Make Sure You Have the Correct Address

It may sound silly to pay tons of attention to the address, but you’d be surprised by how many people make simple typos or forget pieces of information. From street directions to P.O. boxes and more, you need to verify that your address includes everything.

Don’t forget to put a return address on your package so that you can get your mail back in a worst-case scenario.

Weigh Your Final Box Twice

Many people enjoy printing their own labels at home to avoid long waits at the post office. While this service is convenient, you’re more susceptible to errors.

Don’t weigh your package until everything is sealed and ready to go so you’ll have an accurate number. Weigh twice to be sure.

How Do I Send a Package Safely? Now You Know the Top Tips

You’re not alone if you’ve ever asked yourself, “How do I send a package the safest way?” After reading these expert mailing tips, you can ensure that every package you send out will arrive in perfect shape.

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