How has Tech Changed the Life of an HR?

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Over the past few decades, tech in the HR sphere has evolved manifolds. And with the advancements, one after the other, greater boom in tech was experienced. Bots, AI and what not has helped in humanising technology a lot. The HR and attendance management software is a big hit now. It would not be wrong to say that companies have realised how much time and effort they waste if they don’t have one. 

Infact, In the past few years, we have experienced a tech boom in India. Undeniably, artificial intelligence is just making every task easier and quicker. But, there are still some people who have not realised, its true value or are still stuck in the consideration phase where they are skeptical if they should invest. In this blog, we tell you how tech has changed the life of millions of HR worldwide and it can change yours too. 

Faster Hiring

Hiring is always seen as one mammoth task just like payroll by an HR. However, with an HR and attendance management software it all gets faster and smoother. The HRs can post on all social media platforms in a tap, they also get templates. Besides, they can also help you source candidate and store and update the content database as and when you need. Time taking and strenuous process, anyways makes companies loose on prodigious and best hires for the position you have an opening for. 

Compliant every time

This is no hidden fact that the laws and government norms keep on changing every now and then. When done manually , it becomes too difficult to stay up to date with the changes and process payroll accordingly. However, when you have an robust payroll and attendance management software, it all becomes way easier. The employees can get their salaries on time and you can stay compliant everytime. The software is updated by the vendors themselves and so you never pay penalties and employees stay happy as they get their right salary amounts on time. 

Improved Performance Management

Managing performance and giving right feedback to your team as a manager is a tricky job. If you don’t have a software, you can either skip this or not have the time to do it well. All of this raises a lot of complications at the time of annual review when the appraisals happen. With an HR software, managers can track the performance and set goals, give feedback on the go continuously no matter where they are. 

Effective Communication

We all know how much time we end up wasting in our respective offices in sending mails while making sure everyone in there in the CC and BCC. Whether it is for meetings or something else, there are like a lot of things that an HR software can act as an alternative in, in this context. Features like chat, scheduling meetings and making announcements or posts on the software are just a few of them. Not only are they way quicker than the traditional methods but also easier to do. Just a few taps and the communication is done! 

Better Time Management

Whether it is something as regular as collecting attendance data of employees or it is something as complex as processing payroll at every month end once, or any other task that comes in between, the HR and attendance management software in India comes handy. There are so many templates and automation in the system that everyone be it employees, employers or stakeholders or HR end up saving a large chunk of their time and invest the same in something more productive. 

The five aforementioned points are just a glimpse to the benefits HR software has and how it can help and has helped HRs all over the world. We hope you have now no doubt in mind and are firm about your decision to invest in an HR and attendance management software. 

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