How to Build the Best Handyman App to Ensure High-Brand Value in the Service Industry?

How to Build the Best Handyman App to Ensure High-Brand Value in the Service Industry?
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For the corporate or homes, the need for a handyman service is a huge one. Quality of service, brand, ratings, credentials of handyman service providers, timely service, and clear workflow are the necessary expectations from the customer side. Fulfillment of such expectations is the important one for the one who aggregates all the service handlers into a common window.

After the grand revolution in the taxi industry via the perfect uber clone app, the service provider or handlers use the concept of uber and extend it to a wide range of services by the new model called uber for X. One such specific model used for the handyman service industry is Uber for handyman app.

Recently, the demand for uber for the handyman app is huge one, since the number of handymen available in the market is more. Further, the better mapping between the customer’s needs and handyman availability is the needed one to make the service a branded one in the market.

This blog describes how the design process of the customer engagement model for the handyman app will be. Then, it lists the metrics used to boost the brand value in the market clearly. Let’s move on to them one by one.

On-demand Handyman Services-High Consumer Engagement Model

Running the handyman services with a physical store is not a viable option in recent years, since many of the customers completely transform their selection options. Most importantly, the app-based booking of the handyman is a tremendous workflow in the service industry. This makes the uber for handyman app development a familiar one in the market.

While developing the on-demand handyman app, customer engagement is the core one. Because this is the major requirement to get a high brand value in the market. The customer engagement model selection depends on the following reasons:

  • Need to cover a list of services
  • Easy showcase the services available and corresponding service providers that ensure quick selection.
  • Unlimited revenue making possibilities for handyman
  • Need to gain instant familiarity by the customer satisfaction
  • Real-time updates from the service handlers
  • Feel-free service booking options and payment

With the above-listed reasons, the design of the customer engagement model comprises the following metrics:

  • Service templates to show entire services in a single window
  • Offering instant search and book option to the customers
  • Specialized fee collection schemes like waiting for time fee, high-ranked handyman selection fee, a fee to list the services, etc
  • Integration of social media to the app to ensure online presence
  • Notification options for new service addition, offers/discount/promo, etc.
  • Inclusion of digital payment interfaces inside the app to make the payment as convenient in nature

Though the engagement model includes the basic features especially for the customers, some of the handyman services attain a failure in the market. Generally, the customer preferences are dynamic in nature. They are changing periodically. Coping up with such changes and offering the services as per their requirements will only make the handyman services branded in the market.

Essential Metrics to Ensure a High-Brand Value


According to market research, the overall revenue growth of the handyman services in 2021 is 4.4 bn and the growth rate is expected to be 1.8% in future years. Do you have a wish to contribute your value to this growth? If yes means, then you must know the following metrics to prove your brand value in the competitive handyman service industry.

Multi-Service Booking Options

The on-demand handyman app includes a special metric on the customer side such as multiple booking options. The categories of services and corresponding players make the customers search and book the corresponding players as per their needs quickly.

Unique Tracking

The inclusion of specialized location-aware protocols like route optimizer and the integration of google maps in the app allows the handyman to identify the customer location easily and travel to it in a respective time period. With this, the time services are an assured one that will help you to gain a high brand in the market.

Instant Fare Management

Based on the service selection or service providers, the fare estimates are varying. The instant update in the fare allows the customers to make a quick decision on service provider selection. This saves the time of selection.

Quality Validation

The impressive nature of the on-demand handyman app is that the aggregated handyman qualified professionals. Onboarding of them after a complete validation of their documents digitally by the service aggregators ensures the quality of services is high. A pool of qualified service handlers helps you run the branded on-demand handyman services.

Pre-Booking of Favorite Handyman

The on-demand handyman app also includes a specialized option called pre-booking of a favorite handyman. This makes the customers feel comfortable with the service booking and the respective handyman will get more revenue quickly.

Retaining Tactics

Most importantly, the uber for handyman app includes retention options. High-rated service handlers from the customer’s positive reviews greeting with promo-code purchases via the app itself.

Similarly, the specialized offers and the discounts to the customers make them retain the model for the long term. The retention of both the customers and handyman decides the brand value in the market.

Summing Up

Running a high-brand handyman service is the ultimate requirement for the service aggregator to get more revenue in the market. By increasing the size of a satisfied customer base, getting a brand value is quite easy.

The essential metrics and design of the customer engagement model for the on-demand handyman app listed in this blog are useful for the new launchers. Make sure that all the metrics are addressed while designing the app to get an expected brand value in the market.

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