How To Clean The Air Conditioner At Your Own Place?

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In India, the majority of homes are equipped with air conditioners. Like other things, AC also requires proper maintenance. Sometimes, it is not easy to contact the technician for the AC service. In this situation, you cannot delay the servicing of your air conditioner. 

Fortunately, you have the option of servicing your air conditioner at your home. You can easily do the servicing without facing any problem. All you need to do is follow the below-mentioned guide for servicing the AC. Due to it, you will get an idea about the steps that are required in Voltas AC service

How To Clean Your AC Unit Inside?

The choice is totally up to you whether you want to do the AC service from indoor or to the outdoor unit. Here is the list of some steps that include the cleaning of the air conditioner. 

  • The Reason Behind Turning Off The Air Conditioner 

An air conditioner is a blend of moving parts. So, first of all, you should power off the AC. It means that you do not have any light. Give the preference to daytime for the cleaning of AC. 

  • Open The AC Unit

Look for whether your blower unit has a door to the evaporator coil or not. As per the unit, you may need to remove the foil duct tape. Look for whether your air conditioner has a few bolts or not.

  • Clean The Evaporator Coils

With the help of a soft brush, you can remove the dust from the coil. It is essential to clean the debris from the evaporator coil. In addition to it, you can consider the cleaning solution if it is available in the market. You can consider the spray foam for cleaning evaporator coils. 

  • Clean The AC Drain Pan 

After cleaning the coil, you will have to work on cleaning the drain pan. You can commence this process with hot water and soap. In addition to it, you can also consider bleach. Moreover, consider the equal ratio means 50/50mixture. In addition to it, you can also consider the AC drain pan tablets. 

With the help of these ways, you can do the air conditioner servicing. Further, if it is not a cup of your tea, you can look for a technician. The professional will do the proper air conditioner servicing. 

How To Clean The AC Unit Outside?

Cleaning the outside portion of the air conditioner is difficult too. The outer unit gets dirty in a fast manner. So, it requires cleaning in a timely. You will have to make extra efforts for the cleaning of an outside unit of your air conditioner. 

  • Disconnect And Remove The Air Conditioner Grill

Do not forget to power off the air conditioner. In addition to it, you can disconnect the electricity from the outdoor box. Remove the grill with the help of metal screws. 

  • Clean The Debris In The Air Conditioner

There are chances that debris is collected in the bottom of the air conditioner. Clean the debris perfectly to get them clean and debris-free air. In addition to that, to clean the debris, you can prefer either a wet or dry vacuum. 

  • Clean The AC Coils And Fins

It is not difficult to clean the Air conditioner coils. All you require is the cleaning solution. You can make the diluted solution and spray out the mixture for cleaning the air conditioner foils. 

These are major steps that include the cleaning of the air conditioner unit. In addition to it, now it turns to clean the air conditioning filter. 

How To Clean The Air Conditioning Filter?

AC service is incomplete without cleaning its filter. This cleaning requires four major factors. In addition to that, here is a list of four major factors.

  • Vacuum The AC Filter 

What you need to do is vacuuming the Air Conditioner filter. Give the preference to those attachments which do not consist of the brush. With the help of a vacuum, you may experience the cleaning of the filter.

  • Soak The AC filter 

Fill the container with the water and add the liquid detergent to it. Keep the filter in the container. Clean the filter by moving it back and forth. 

  • Spray The AC Filter 

Add the vinegar solution to the spray bottle and spray it on the filter. This solution will kill the bacteria in the air conditioner filter.

  • Dry The AC Filter 

Once you clean the air conditioner filter, then you should dry it to keep away the moisture. 

In the end, these are some steps that include the cleaning of the air conditioner. With the help of regular servicing, you can enhance the lifespan of your air conditioner. So keep the record of your AC service timely. If you face any sort of problem, then you can contact the technician.   

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