How to get competent hosting for Ruby on Rails?

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How to get competent hosting for Ruby on Rails?

Mobile phones and various portable devices have made desktops obsolete. Hence, mobile phone users have tremendously outgrown since people spend long hours on their mobile phones. As a result, providing an engaging experience to the users has become extremely important for a business in order to sustain its competitive advantage. If you are searching to create an app Ruby on Rails (RoR), all you need is a development company and competent hosting for Ruby on Rails to easily help you.

How to get competent hosting for Ruby on Rails?

One of the technologies that are increasing in demand for intuitive apps and sites is Ruby on Rails. However, after building such an app, you will need to figure out a way to deploy it. And that is where the catch of picking a competent hosting for Ruby on Rails comes in.

Navicosoft is a specialist company providing Ruby on Rails web hosting. Our best Ruby on Rails hosting allows users to create a dynamic site adding the benefit of database interaction.

Without the clarity of the competent hosting for Ruby on Rails app usage, your deployment might convolute, which means that the end result is most likely to reflect it as well.

What is Ruby on Rails?

It is commonly known as ROR. Ruby on Rails influences the clarity along with the flexibility of object-oriented programming language. It is a framework that is designed to permit programmers to build and deploy hosted applications quickly.

How to get competent hosting for Ruby on Rails?

A hosted app is a software for service solution for operating a software application on a recurring basis. Moreover, it is hosted remotely through a cloud infrastructure where it can be accessed using the Internet. They also function as locally installed software that can be easily and regularly updated.

Factors to Consider for Selecting Competent hosting for Ruby on Rails App:  

Small businesses, during a starting phase, come up with innovative solutions to attract their customers. It means that they use different types of tech stack to build their makes app requirements. Consequently, there is no clear criterion for selecting the best ruby on rails hosting service. But there are a few common considerations.

Supports the Latest Framework Versions

While looking for the best Ruby on Rails hosting services, make sure that your hosting provider offers you a compatible product with the modern framework versions. In addition to this, understanding an app’s bandwidth requirements makes sure that you settle with a product that provides you ideal performance at a reasonable cost.

How to get competent hosting for Ruby on Rails?

Easy-to-use Control Panel

Another indispensable requirement to consider while looking for a hosting service is the user-friendly and functional control panel. Whether it is cPanel, Plesk, or any other control panel, it needs to be easy to navigate. Otherwise, you will have to spend numerous hours figuring things on your own. Else you will have to communicate with the support team to help you out every time.

Scalable Environment

Starting a small company means you are settling for a minimalist web hosting provider. But as your business expands, you will have to upgrade your cloud storage according to your needs. Make sure that you are paying for the correct plan. Always keep an additional storage capacity for the service provider and additional cost if you require any.

Data Security

Since there are growing cases of data theft as well as security breaches, the security of your data should be your top priority. Hence the minimal requirement should include 128-bit data encryption, a disaster recovery system, and a backup system.

How to get competent hosting for Ruby on Rails?

Types of Ruby on Rails Web Hosting

While looking for competent hosting for the Ruby on Rails app, you will discover that there are many types of services. However, all of them are not built equally. Furthermore, some of them are free while for others you will have to pay. The main downside of hosting is that you may have to compromise on the functionality.

Ruby on Rails Shared Hosting

Shared hosting means that different users get to share the same server even though the operation of one user does not impact the operation of the other. Although it is less costly, it is still not the particular mode of choice for most companies because of its limitations in RAM allocation and CPU. While working with Rails, it might be a problem since the framework demands adequate server memory resources if the app performs optimally. Hence shared hosting can work well for startups operating on a limiting budget but searching to scale up when the business grows.

How to get competent hosting for Ruby on Rails?

VPS Ruby on Rails Web Hosting

Virtual Private Server hosting is a good match for ROR applications. For starters, it comes with a RAM memory of around 1 and 2 GB, which is adequate enough for any ROR app which requires slight processing and moderate traffic. In addition to this, such type of hosting does not require a high budget to attain and operate for SSD drives on the virtual server.

One of the downsides of VPS hosting is that you will have to do some work setting it up with the application’s security and maintenance. It can be difficult if you don’t have any prior experience in handling any of this.


You can very well assess that selecting a hosting service for your app is tremendously important. It has a potential effect on the development, deployment, and app’s success. However, by following the above guidelines, you will not have any problem selecting the right one.

How to get competent hosting for Ruby on Rails?

Navicosoft provides you the best Ruby on Rails Hosting since it is gaining popularity. Ruby on Rails web hosting can optimize it proficiently, providing pre-installed features and constantly updating to the latest version. Moreover, we provide you expert support. Our pricing is consistent and reasonable.

Navicosoft understands the significance of various Ruby versions. You can pick the Ruby on Rails version from the selector to use with your app with all our accounts. You can pick any version that suits your requirements so that you can enjoy super-fast processing on the up-to-date CPUs to boot. Moreover, we provide you support on all packages of Ruby on Rails Hosting. It includes all Linux Basic, Linux Reseller web hosting, and Linux Unlimited. Best Ruby on Rails hosting packages allows you to access all the essential features of Linux Hosting without any need for extra server-side software.

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