Expert Beauty Advice on How to Get Rid of Frown Lines

how to get rid of frown lines
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Did you know that wrinkles start to develop as early as the age of 25? Frown lines are especially prominent as people get older and they can be very deep and hard to get rid of. If you’re starting to get these wrinkles, you might be wondering how to get rid of frown lines for good or at least diminish their appearance.

Fortunately, there are many frown line treatment options available. Some treatments for frown lines such as injectables are more invasive than others, but whatever the case, all of the options in this article can help reduce your frown lines. Keep reading and learn more about your treatment options and how to prevent frown lines in the first place.

Add Retinol to Your Skincare Routine

You might be wondering, “What are the causes of frown lines anyway?” As the name suggests, frown lines come from frowning a lot. Frown lines usually happen between the eyebrows and they are sometimes called “11” lines.

This is because when you frown, the lines created on your forehead are two vertical lines that look like the number 11. As mentioned before, these wrinkles tend to be quite deep, but there are ways to reduce their depth and ultimately their appearance.

To start, if you stop yourself from frowning from a young age, this will prevent very deep frown lines from forming (it is impossible to prevent frown lines entirely).

But what should you do once you already have frown lines? Adding retinol to your skincare routine is one of the best things you can do. Retinol is a vital skincare ingredient that functions by speeding up the turnover rate of your skin cells.

What does this mean for you exactly, you might ask?

The Skin Turnover Rate

Your skin cells naturally turn over (replace themselves) in a certain amount of time, usually around 4 weeks or so. After that time, your face will have all-new skin cells compared to the skin cells you had 4 weeks ago.

This is how your skin repairs itself and stays healthy. However, 4 weeks is quite a long time and because your skin doesn’t shed all at once, your skin might still look dull, wrinkled, and splotchy even after your skin cells replace themselves. But when you use retinol, you can speed up this turnover process significantly.

This means that the skin cells on your face will be much fresher and newer than usual. Of course, this will make your complexion look much brighter and younger. However, this process will also help to even out the texture of your skin.

As you can imagine, this also helps to reduce the depth of wrinkles. This will make your wrinkles look far less noticeable, especially if you start using retinol before your wrinkles get too deep. So, if you start using retinol every day on your frown lines, you will soon see after a few weeks that those lines will quickly reduce and your forehead will look much smoother.

Basic Skin Care

Cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating are all part of basic skin care. If you don’t take care of your skin, you shouldn’t be surprised that you will end up with wrinkles on your face. But if you start taking care of your skin as soon as possible, your skin will still look great even as you age.

To start, you should practice cleansing your face with a gentle cleanser. You should avoid exfoliating cleansers that have little beads in them. These beads are usually too hard for the skin and can actually leave scratches on your complexion.

A gentle foaming cleanser is usually a good choice. It penetrates the pores, removes excess oil, and leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean. Cleansing is important because it also removes dirt and keeps dead skin cells from building up on your skin which can contribute to wrinkles.

You should aim to exfoliate around once or twice a week. As with retinol, exfoliating also helps to speed along the skin’s turnover rate. There are many ways you can exfoliate but some are better than others.

For example, making your own homemade scrub is a good idea. You can do this with many ingredients around the house such as leftover coffee grounds, yogurt, milk, and so on. You can also use a simple rag to exfoliate.

You can do this by rubbing the rag in gentle circles over your face. It is better to rub in circles rather than up and down or side to side since a circular motion does better to catch all the dirt and debris built up on your face. If your face becomes irritated as a result of exfoliating, you should reduce the number of times you exfoliate per week.

Skin Health Tips

After exfoliating, be sure to moisturize. This is because exfoliants remove all oils and moisture from your skin. There are many types of moisturizers to choose from but you should always opt for those that don’t have any harmful or irritating ingredients.

The goal of a good moisturizer is to trap moisture against your skin. Once you do this, the trapped water will slowly spread to your skin cells and make your skin look much plumper and healthier than before. This is very important for getting rid of frown lines because wrinkles, in general, look much worse when they are dry compared to when they are hydrated.

If you want a bit of an extra boost for your skin’s health, try using a bit of vitamin C, especially on your frown lines. Vitamin C works to even out one’s complexion because it is full of antioxidants and other great nutrients. Not only can it help lessen the appearance of wrinkles but it can also lessen the appearance of dark spots, splotches, and other skin problems.

Once you start taking these basic skincare steps, you will find that your frown lines will become much less noticeable. But what if you want to get rid of them completely?

Injectables for Frown Lines

You will find that many med spa services offer injectable treatments for wrinkles. Some people are wary of these treatments because they involve needles, but you should know that they are quite safe and very effective at temporarily removing wrinkles.

One of the most effective injectable treatments for frown lines has to do with facial fillers. Fillers are usually made of hyaluronic acid. This may sound like a harmful ingredient, but hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the skin.

In fact, it is very important for keeping your skin looking young. It has the unique ability to be able to attract water to the skin. When this happens, your skin will look much plumper, smoother, and younger than before.

When you get injections, your filler provider will inject only a small amount of filler into your frown lines. The filler will immediately fill the wrinkles and smooth out the skin in the area without making the result look unnatural. Hyaluronic acid fillers usually last for around a year or less.

By that time, the hyaluronic acid fillers will dissolve into your body. Again, since hyaluronic acid already exists in your body, this is quite harmless. So, if you want to maintain your new look, you will need to keep getting fillers every year.

Botox and Dysport

There are also other injectable treatments such as Botox or Dysport. Neither of these treatments are fillers but they both function to immobilize the treated area and make the area more taut and smooth. Botox, for example, uses a very small amount of botulism toxin to paralyze the muscles in the treatment area.

As a result, you won’t be able to move your forehead or eyebrow muscles very much. This may not sound very desirable, but the aesthetic result involves your frown lines disappearing along with whatever other forehead wrinkles you might have. As with fillers, these results are not permanent.

After a few months, your muscles will eventually go back to normal and your wrinkles will return. To upkeep your new look, you will have to keep getting Botox or Dysport injections. If you have the time and money, this could be a very effective way at keeping your frown lines at bay.

How to Get Rid of Frown Lines

Learning how to get rid of frown lines is not as hard as you might think. Good skin care is essential. By using retinol, cleaning your face, exfoliating, and moisturizing, you can make sure that your skin looks good even as you age.

And, for a more dramatic result, you can always try injectables. To learn more, don’t hesitate to check out the other blogs on our website.

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