A Guide on How to Get Rid of Severe Tooth Pain

how to get rid of severe tooth pain
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Not all toothaches are equal. Some are mild, lingering, and barely noticeable. But sometimes, we have those extreme instances of tooth pain that become debilitating.

If you’ve found yourself in those shoes, you’ve likely tried various remedies to no avail. You need some reliable advice that works. You need to know how to get rid of severe tooth pain.

But how do you vet all the bad advice out there?

Dental Emergency: How to Get Rid of Severe Tooth Pain

No one likes dealing with severe tooth pain. It can make it difficult to eat, drink, and even sleep. If you’re dealing with severe tooth pain, there are a few things you can do to get rid of it. Here’s a guide on how to get rid of severe tooth pain.

Try Over-the-Counter Painkillers

One of the best ways to get rid of severe tooth pain is to try over-the-counter painkillers. Advil and Aleve are two of the most common painkillers that can be bought without a prescription. Both of these medications can be very effective in reducing pain.

Another option is to take Tylenol. This medication can also be bought without a prescription and can be just as effective as the other two options.

If the pain is extremely severe, it may be necessary to see a dentist. However, for most people, over-the-counter painkillers will do the trick.

Rinse Your Mouth With Warm Salt Water

If you have severe tooth pain, rinsing your mouth with warm salt water can help. Mix together one teaspoon of salt with 8 ounces of warm water. Swish the mixture around in your mouth for 30 seconds, then spit it out. Rinse your mouth with plain water afterward.

Doing this several times a day can help reduce pain and swelling.

Apply a Cold Compress

A severe toothache can be incredibly debilitating. Often, the pain is so severe that it can interfere with your daily activities. If you are dealing with a severe toothache, applying a cold compress to the affected area can help reduce the pain. This will help to numb the pain and reduce inflammation. You can use a cold compress for 20 minutes at a time several times a day.

Gargle With a Painkilling Solution

If you are dealing with severe tooth pain, there are some things that you can do how to get rid of severe tooth pain. Gargling with a painkilling solution can help to numb the pain and make it more tolerable.

See Your Dentist as Soon as Possible

There are a variety of causes of tooth pain, but if the pain is severe, it’s essential to see your dentist as soon as possible. Cavities, tooth decay, an abscessed tooth, and gum disease are all possible causes of severe tooth pain.

If you’re experiencing severe tooth pain, it’s essential to book an appointment with your dentist right away, click for CBD dental site and get rid of that toothache immediately. In the meantime, over-the-counter pain medication can help to ease the pain.

Pain, Pain, Go Away!

The bottom line is that if you are experiencing severe tooth pain, you should see a dentist as soon as possible. However, there are some ways how to get rid of severe tooth pain until you can get to a dentist. These include rinsing your mouth with warm water, using a cold compress, and taking over-the-counter pain relievers.

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