How to Help a Hoarder Parent

how to help a hoarder parent
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Is your loved one surrounded by clutter and unable to unwind? You might be dealing with a hoarder parent who can’t help his compulsive tendencies.

It can be challenging to watch a parent suffer, especially when you can’t do much about it. But there ARE ways that you can help, even if your parent isn’t ready to accept it yet.

Keep reading for more info on how to help a hoarder parent.

Have a Civil Conversation With Them

It could be a combination of psychological issues, mental health problems, cognitive impairments, and distorted thought patterns. Hoarding is a complex disorder, and understanding the underlying causes can help foster better communication.

Express understanding and compassion towards the parent and avoid giving judgment. If the parent is open to talking, offer to listen and mirror back any the feelings or thoughts they’re expressing.

Explain the Dangers of Hoarding to Them

When helping a hoarder parent to explain the dangers of hoarding, it is best to use a patient, nonjudgmental approach. Explain that hoarding can be dangerous because of potential harm from fire, pests, and dangerous clutter.

It is important to note that piles of clutter and a house full of objects can cause anxiety and a lack of control, potentially leading to depression and anxiety. Explain that persistent and excessive hoarding can also prevent access to living and sleeping areas, kitchens, bathrooms, and potential homes for family members.

Help Them Find Treatment

Hoarding is a complex mental health condition that is a difficult process to address. To help a hoarder parent find treatment, start by being patient and not judgmental. Let them know that you understand their situation and you are there to support them.

Be open to talking in a safe and non-confrontational environment. Encourage them to reach out to their local support groups, such as Hoarders Anonymous and help them get in touch with mental health professionals who specialize in hoarding.

Educate yourself, so you know how to appropriately and compassionately approach the situation. Focus on creating a plan of action with the hoarder parent, involving therapists, support groups, and perhaps even a housing specialist.

Don’t Be an Enabler

It is important how to help a hoarder parent without being an enabler. The best way to do this is to ensure your own home is clutter-free and organized—model organizing and discarding miscellaneous items.

Educate yourself on hoarding and empathize with the parent’s struggles. Help them create a plan to categorize and clear out the clutter and provide support as they get started.

Help Them Declutter

When helping a hoarder parent to declutter, it is important to start small. Begin by discussing the areas of most need and make a plan of action. Work with your parent to prioritize, focusing first on the tasks they consider most pressing.

Break the job down into tasks over a period of time and allow your parent to be in charge of the process. Offer advice and assistance to help ease the burden and reassure them.

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Find Out How to Help a Hoarder Parent

By educating yourself on how to help a hoarder parent, understanding why it happens, and being patient and supportive, you can help the hoarder parent in your life.

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