How to prepare for SBI Apprentice Exam 2021 – An Easy Steps


The State Bank of India holds the Apprentice Exam every year for interested candidates. SBI Apprentice exam 2021 is tentatively going to be held in August. Around 6100 vacancies are available for the post.

Candidates who aspire to appear for the SBI Apprentice 2021 Exam must follow a detailed study plan to crack the exam. In this article, you can learn about certain tips that will help you in the preparation for the exam.

As you already know the exam is conducted in three phases. The first phase is the online written exam, phase two is the test of local language and the final stage consists of medical examination.

The subjects and marks distribution for the online test is as follows-

      Subject Number of    questionsMarks allottedTime
English        25          25 marks15 minutes
Computer Aptitude and Reasoning ability        25          25 marks15 minutes
Quantitative Aptitude        25          25 marks15 minutes
Financial and General Awareness        25          25 marks15 minutes
Total        100          100 marks60 minutes

The questions are objective type and 0.25 marks are deducted for every wrong answer. Therefore, you can start the preparation according to the subjects. You can choose any one subject, to begin with as all the subjects have the same weightage.

Subject 1– You can begin with English as your first topic for SBI Apprentice 2021 preparation. Remember to revise after every few days and practice mock test papers. This will help you remember all the topic that you have learned.

Tips for preparation for English-

  • Know the basic rules for grammar and practice as many questions as possible.
  • Read daily newspapers for vocabulary and note down at least 10 new words per day. Continue doing this for 6 months prior exam.
  • Practice para jumble sets and cloze tests daily.
           Subject        Day       Topic 1      Topic 2










          1       TensesVocabulary
          2       AntonymsGrammar
          3Recognition and error correctionComprehension
          4Subject and Verb AgreementSynonyms
          5RevisionSolve mock test papers
          6Language ProficiencyRearrangement of sentences
          9Unseen passagesFill the blanks
         10Revise all the topicsSolve mock test papers for all the topics

Subjects 2 & 3– Next you can prepare for Computer Aptitude and Reasoning Ability.

Tips for preparation of Reasoning ability-

  • This section requires a lot of practice. Therefore, clear basic concepts and practice questions from important chapters. This will improve your understanding level for particularly in this section.
  • Solve at least 2 to 3 puzzles daily and clear the concepts of order and ranking, blood relation, direction sense, inequality, and syllogism.
        Subject       Day       Topic 1    Topic 2





Computer Aptitude and Reasoning Ability








        1MS PowerPointSpatial Orientation
         2Basics of ComputerSyllogistic Reasoning
         3Computer AbbreviationsDifferences and Similarities
         4Modern TechnologyArithmetic Number Series
         5RevisionSolve mock test papers
         6Computer OrganizationNon-Verbal Series
         7LANAnalysis and Observation
         8ShortcutsProblem Solving
         9MS ExcelDiscrimination/ Judgement
        10RevisionSolve practice papers
        11Input / Output devicesRelationship Concepts, Statement Conclusion, Analogies
        12Internet and MemoryFigure and Verbal Classification
         13MS Word basic knowledge, ModemArithmetical Reasoning, Visual Memory
         14Computer Generations, WANCoding/ Decoding, Spatial Visualization
 15 Revise all the topicsSolve practice papers and mock test papers.

Subjects 4- After completing the second phase of your SBI Apprentice preparation strategy you can move onto the next subject is Qualitative aptitude.

Tips for preparation of Quantitative aptitude-

  • You should learn the tables up to 30
  • Learn square up to 20 and 50
  • First, you should clear the concepts of basic chapters such as ratio and proportion, average, and percentage and then continue with other chapters.
  • Learn conversions such as fraction to percentage and percentage to fractions.
  • In the preliminary exam, you should be quick and accurate. Therefore, practice time management and learn a few Vedic tricks of maths for fast calculations. Lastly, solve as many questions as possible.
     Subject     Day       Topic 1         Topic 2


Quantitative Aptitude





       1Quadratic EquationsBar Graph
       2HCF LCMProfit and Loss
       3Simple/ Compound InterestAverage
       4RevisionSolve mock test papers
       5 Speed and TimeSimplification
       6Investment Work and Time
       7Pie ChartProblem On Ages
       8Number SeriesPictorial Graph
        9PercentageTake rest
       10Revise all the topicsSolve questions from difficult chapters and mock test papers.

Subject 6- Lastly the topic that you have to prepare is Financial and General Awareness.

Tips for preparation of Financial and General Awareness-

  • You can practice multiple choice questions related to GK online as well as in general awareness books.
  • You should start reading current affairs 4 to 5 months before your exam.
  • Make sure to revise all the facts at least 2 to 3 times before appearing for the exam.
Subject        Day     Topic 1      Topic 2






Financial and General Awareness

          1Authors and booksSports
          2Important DaysFive-year plan and budget
          3Science Discoveries and InventionsInternational and National Organizations
4Current AffairsHonors and Awards
5Major Economic NewsAbbreviations
6Revise the whole syllabusSolve mock test papers
7Revise all the difficult topicsSolve Apprentice exam mock test papers


These are some of the SBI Apprentice Exam preparation tips. Along with revision and practice make sure to rest well before the exam. This will help you remain calm and focused during the preparation phase and increase your retention power. The key to crack the SBI Apprentice Exam is to start your revision early, practice regularly and take proper breaks.

Start your revision early

Once you have completed the preparation, it is important to revise as much as possible before appearing for the exam. First, revising will help you remember methodologies, figures, and important topics that you have covered earlier. And secondly, revising will reduce anxiety and increase your level of confidence before the exam.

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Regular practice

Practising mock tests will help you remember the methods and terms for a long time. It will help increase your retention power.

Taking breaks

It is important to let your brain relax and calm down because it will help you grasp all the information. Therefore, to keep your mind fresh during the preparation time and remain focused, you must take regular breaks. This, in turn, will help you crack the SBI Apprentice Exam 2021. You can write for us about education.