How to promote your blockchain startup for a good ICO and beyond with crypto PR

How to promote your blockchain startup for a good ICO and beyond with crypto PR
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I’m sure you’ve heard about blockchain and cryptocurrencies unless you’ve been living in a different world for the past year. Blockchain and Crypto advertisement agencies are all over the world, and it has the potential to change the world as we know it. However, blockchain startups, like all other startups, need strong public relations to plan to get off the ground and establish a name for themselves.

So, how can you get the word out about a blockchain startup? To succeed, you must use your current expertise, experience, relationships, and know-how, and combine it with deep insights into your target audience.

The strategy begins with determining who your target group is. In this instance, your audience will be divided into two groups: those who are familiar with blockchain and those who are unfamiliar with it. Typically, the educated crowd would come from an established crypto community. They either invest in an ICO or spend a significant amount of time on relevant subreddits or Coinpedia. 

Whatever the case may be, these individuals have a deeper understanding of the blockchain space and need more specialized terminology and technological knowledge when communicating with them. On a variety of social media networks, people who are interested in reading specific publications can be found.

The second category you’ll have to target is those who don’t understand blockchain. It consists of people who are new to blockchain, but now know it’s a popular theme. They may have heard the words crypto and ether mentioned, and they may have read a few articles about bitcoin, but they know very little or nothing. 

With various messages and goals, the PR approach should appeal to both of these audiences. Public relations, social media, guest articles, and speaking engagements will be the four pillars of your public relations plan for each of these target audiences.

Media Outreach

When thinking about how to interact with the media, bear in mind that you don’t want to scare off viewers by using language that is too difficult for them to comprehend. otherwise, they won’t pay attention to your story at all. You must keep in mind that, particularly when it comes to blockchain, many of the journalists to whom you will pitch are still unfamiliar with the technology. Be sure to communicate the main points to journalists in the simplest terms possible, so that they can pass them on to their readers. 

Once you’ve determined which publications you want to target, the more difficult task will be identifying the right writer/s to target these top-tier publications. Search for those old articles that showed interest in the business or fintech world, if it is difficult to find these kinds of reporters to handle blockchain news at a specific publication. Anyone who covers the future of finance should be interested in the impact of blockchain on financial institutions in the future. Pitch writers who cover stories similar to your specific crypto company’s applications. A press release from the Blockchain and Crypto PR Agency will do the job.

In addition to the top-tier publications such as The Next Web, CNBC, The New York Times, the crypto industry has a long list of targeted outlets with large followings. You’ll want to reach out to these people as well if you want to gain traction among crypto experts. On Coinpedia, Cointelegraph, and Bitcoin News several of the most successful ICOs have been announced. After initial success, the news frequently reaches those more well-known, more established publications. There is no need to simplify your messaging when contacting blockchain-focused publications. What is more important is that you clearly explain to them why your offering or ICO is distinct from others on the market.

As the ICO boom continues, you must distinguish your story from the flood of blockchain news. Although the writers at specific crypto publications will not require any technical explanation, you must persuade them that your story is not only worthwhile but also that your client’s ICO is more revolutionary than the one that occurred the day before.

Social media

While Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and the rest of the mainstream platforms are great for marketing to the general public and SEO, we need to use other tools to snag those hardcore crypto fans. Telegram and Slack are the two most important (and widely used) platforms among the crypto community. Both crypto amateurs interested in the product can interact directly with the teams behind it.

On Telegram, it’s best to create an all-encompassing welcome message that gives new members all the information they need and pin it to the top of the group. On Slack, a welcome bot can do the same thing, as well as route new members to the channels that are most relevant to them. 

Not only does the content they create offset the users, but the content they first publish. Keep an eye on whether other people will also post on your business.

Note always, compared to the words you may freely utilize on other social media platforms the language you use to transmit your messages on mainstream platforms will be greatly simplified.

Guest Post

It’s just as important to give the founding team members (or at least one of them) a name as it is to give your crypto startup a name. Since blockchain is such a hot topic right now, TV stations, websites, and newspapers are scrambling to find experts who can provide expert commentary. This is where thought leaders in this field can be found.  As a result, crypto company founders need to make their names known and demonstrate their expertise by writing opinion pieces on the internet, which can then be shared with the rest of the world.

Another reason why entrepreneurs in this field should try to produce opinion pieces and have them published in well-known journals is to boost their public image. People who put their hard-earned money into these businesses want to know that they’re working with a team that knows what they’re doing and can be trusted. It can go a long way to publish useful thoughts and viewpoints in reputable publications. Showcase your deep experience and understanding of the industry by ensuring you have a fresh point of view, not just a somewhat different take that people have heard before.

Speaking opportunity

Like mushrooms after a storm, industry-specific blockchain conferences are springing up all over the place. If being a leader in this space is important to you, being present at these events where you can speak on stage in front of industry peers and network with them is essential. Create a list of all the big blockchain events coming up in the next few months and make sure to take the lead and speak at the ones that you believe will be most beneficial to you. Be sure to apply a few months ahead of time, as speaking slots appear to fill up fast.

Finally, as you can see, this article provides you with a very simple structure for how to get your blockchain company off the ground. Coinpedia, Crypto Traffic, Coinbound, and Coinzilla are just a few of the places where crypto firms should be promoted, just like any other tech startup. However, some clear channels and legislation related to the blockchain business should not be overlooked.

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