How to Tell a Guy You Like Him

How to Tell a Guy You Like Him
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You met a guy and had a crush on him for a while but couldn’t tell him about your feelings. So, if this is your problem, then we are here with a simple guide that you can follow and understand How to Tell a Guy You Like Him.

Today, everyone wants a boyfriend, although people usually cannot find their exact soulmate. But you can be that lucky girl whom god has shown precisely the boy you wanted as your life partner. Remember that this is not a big deal, especially when you have a friendship line. However, if you are also stuck in such a situation, follow the instructions of How to Tell a Guy You Like Him, which are given in this article below.

How do you know you like a guy?

Before you ask how to tell him I like him? It is essential to understand some symptoms which show you like him or not.

So, when you meet some really good-looking guy whose look and impression attract your eyes, after that usually, you start some small talk and if you like his way of behaviour also and you think you like him then I think you may be in the wrong direction.

This may be a time to question whether you like him or not? In short, before clearly asking him out, you need to be sure about him.

If you like any guy, then you observe some simple changes in your regular activity or body language about which some points are given below –

  • You may feel excited to see him.
  • You get some flutters in your stomach or tightness in your chest when you are around him.
  • When he comes up, your heart will speed up.
  • You always think about texting or talking to him.
  • You love to have a good time with him.

If you feel any of the above points with that guy, then there is a chance that you like that guy, and you need to ask or tell him about it.

How to Tell a Guy You Like Him – 5 Tips

It is tough to tell anyone that you like him. That’s why you may think about how to make a boy like you, and your mind starts revolving around some so-called Bollywood stuff which may create some other problems in your life.

We are here as a guide for you to solve this biggest problem. But, first, you need to follow some simple instructions given below. After that, you understand how to get a boy to like you.

1.   Be Honest About How You Think

Telling any guy how you feel about him can be funny and normal. However, I will not suggest you open your heart and say to him that you are in love. This may create some awkward scenes. And if he doesn’t feel the same way, you feel terrible.

So, tell him your truth. You like a guy and feel good when he is around. So, tell this simple word to your Crush, except that you are not in love and you don’t need any indifferent and romantic answer in return. But, you feel good with this guy, and first, you need to tell this feeling to him, which is as normal as other conversations.

If he reacts in a way that he also likes your company and other stuff, you continue the conversation and conclude that he likes you or not.

2.   You Can’t Trick Him

When you ask “How to Tell a Guy You Like Him”, you meet lots of love gurus and other professional experts, and you start providing lots of free advice.

Some of these experts will tell you to trick that guy in a particular situation which helps you get your desired answer. But in other words, if you trick someone and create a situation to get what you want is a type of manipulation.

Keep in mind that manipulation will not sustain for longer. So you always try to get his genuine reaction. We suggest you do not test any tricks. Just be brave and ask him out, no matter what the answer.

3.   Try to flirt with him.

This is very stereotypical that a guy cannot understand that someone is flirting with them. But if you like any guy and flirt with him, this will be the very best feeling. If he did not flirt with you, it doesn’t show any conclusion, so be relaxed.

When you flirt with him, show him your wonderful smile and cute eyes during conversation, and be around when he is around; soon, he will start to notice your feelings. This may happen quickly; he will ask out.

4.   First, start a simple conversation with him.

If you like any guy, then don’t tell him the indirect way. First, start some simple conversation, and we recommend visiting in your best dress with some simple practice. At this time, talk about common interests and his stand on specific issues.

Suppose you visit there to tell them what you like, then not start any conversation about right-wing and left-wing. Also, keep in mind that communication is not only important; you also need to show feelings that touch him and show your interest and attention towards him.

When he feels good with you and loves your company, then suddenly ask him about what he thinks about you, and this conversation finally brings you to the conclusion of your desired point.

5.   Be Brave and ask him out for a date.

If you believe it or not, this will be the best way to get a good response from your Crush. But, first, don’t make it a huge issue; ask if he wants to go somewhere with you or not. If he responds no, then don’t ask why.

There are many ways to ask him for a date effortlessly. Another stereotypical fact about boys is that they want to visit you on a date but are afraid to ask you. Understand that as long as you sit and wonder about him, the chance will become lesser. SO, be brave and don’t think about an answer; if you do not get your desired response, then do not ask for any explanation.

What to do when a guy says “No.”

If you read all the above information and follow all those tips, it doesn’t mean you get only your desired answer. In some conditions, you get a rejection, or that guy may say “No” when you ask him out.

Well, this is when you need to think this is normal, and he has a full right to say No, to your proposal without giving any region.

We understand that rejection for children will be normal, but as you grow older, rejections become more hurtful, which puts a greater emphasis on the question – “Why did he reject me?”

If you ask this question the first time, then your brain answers – He wants something which I don’t have, which although accurate but not the correct answer. This is a time when your mind opens the gates of different theories.

A normal girl gets an answer to this question from her mind that – he wants perfect facial, beauty, height, figure, or anything else which reference is your dumb friends and TV shows.

After all that, you need to accept the truth that your brain is underdeveloped. That’s why you get these types of feelings and some unbiased answers which reference only Tv shows or romantic novels. So, you need to understand that this is normal.

You are not playing any game that you need a proper answer to, and you are not desperately waving your flag to be accepted by anyone you desire. Instead, you need to understand the priorities of your life and try to put them on top.

So, if you find any dream man but you met with rejection, then remind yourself that rejections are normal, which applies very aptly in all life situations. Keep in mind that people are weird, and it has nothing to do with you.

How to check whether your Crush is the right person or not.

In this section, we will not provide you with any points on the right person. But there is an essential concept that you need to clear in your mind before understanding the process of How to Tell a Guy You Like Him.

Who are you?

The answer to the above question decides what type of person you would want to bring into your life. The biggest truth is the more you know yourself, the more power you get to make a better choice. Now, I will not provide any spiritual knowledge, but you need to understand some critical questions that will help you ask the right person.

If you want a decent relationship, you need to quit the facade of finding these fantasy people you meet only in your dreams and on television. That’s why when you start to care about “who you are” in a realistic manner then, you need to ask some important questions –

  1. What is my ambition? (What do you want to become precisely?)
  2. What are my current goal (Short-terms and long-term goals)
  3. What is the routine I need to follow?
  4. What is the nature of the line of work I have chosen?

I hope you understand all the above questions, and these questions show that asking any guy or choosing any relationship will be your full-time job. So which need your full attention, and for this, you need to be prepared for all the above questions.

If the above questions show you that you are prepared for any full-time relationship job, you can follow the above instructions and start your relationship with your boy.

Before starting a relationship with any boy, you need to ask some critical questions to that boy are –

  1. Do your Crush’s choices, decisions, and actions in their past ensure the safety and support of your current possible?
  2. What patterns do you notice when looking at what they have been doing?
  3. Do these patterns suggest an approach of carelessness, self-control, and other attempts at stability?

This approach is the best way to choose the right man. If you ask some questions with your mind and ask some questions with your Crush, you get some good answers and written solutions to your question.

Suppose you understand all the above questions and concepts. In that case, you are now engaged, silently or vocally, in rejecting people whose decisions, choices, and actions seem either incompatible with yours or disagreeable to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How to tell a guy you like him?

    Meet him, start a normal conversation, and say, “Hey, I think you’re amazing”.

  2. How do you confess your feelings to a guy?

    Try not to make this a big deal and be brave; just come out and say everything about your feelings. But in a friendly and decent manner.

  3. How to tell your Crush that you like him over text?

    Continue your simple text conversation and start complimenting him to drop a hint to show that you are interested in him. Keep in mind that a simple message is better.

  4.  What to do when you get rejected by a guy?

    If a guy rejects you, don’t panic and don’t listen to your brain and dumb friend’s advice; just calm down and convince your mind that peoples are weird and they have the right to reject you, which has nothing to do with you.


I hope you have read this article till the end; in today’s article, we tried to tell you how you can maintain your relationship with the right person. In this article, you are also able to learn how you can tell your Crush about your love feeling or the process of how to say to a guy you like him.

All the instructions and information given above are reliable and effective. So, if you like this article, do not forget to apply this in your life.

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