How to Tow a Car, if The Car Transmission System is Automatic.

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Cars that have an automatic transmission system require a lot of care and supervision And to tow a car that is automatic is way too hectic. This way people can tow them carefully by avoiding serious damages. These damages can affect the system in one way or another. One important tip is to keep the drive wheels of the car on the ground. At the same time, one must make sure people do not tow a car for a distance that is more than 25 kilometers. One should maintain the speed limit at 40 km/hr as well. In this regard, the most important key is to tow the car specifically when the internal systems are not functioning.

Towing can damage the transmission:

Using a dolly is extremely important while you tow a car. Without using a car dolly, you can cause transmission damage that is quite serious. This damage also may leave you to cost a hundred dollars. The owner’s manual should also be read thoroughly. This way you can know about the distance of travel for your car to have all its four wheels that have to be placed on the ground. The reason behind this is that it is not necessary that all the gear shafts of the car rotate during transmission when it is placed on neutral. This, in turn, is going to prevent them from having a splash through the oil of transmission.

Dropping the drive shafts is also not practical from the transmission since they are there with the system of transaxle along with oil seals. It is quite unlike the old rear-wheel-drive shafts. It is also vital that you can drop it by removing it not more than small bolts which can be four in number.

Things to take care of while towing an automatic transmission car:

  • Investing in a transmission cooler can help in reducing the chances of causing serious damages while you tow a car. A transmission cooler can help in acting as an additional radiator for the fluid of transmission since it can help with the process of towing.
  • It is important that one does not use cruise control. Cruise control can get confused due to the extra stress that can occur because of towing and can cause a drop because of overdriving very often especially at freeway speeds.
  • Watching your RPMs is also necessary when you tow a car up the hill and your vehicle doesn’t have enough force. So, it is important that the vehicle can reach the top by moving lower and slower with a gear quite powerful so your vehicle can keep up with the desired speed limit.

Apart from this, there are some essential steps that one should consider when we talk about tow a car that has an automatic car transmission system in it.

Steps to Tow a Car, if The Car Transmission System is Automatic:

Step 1:

In the first step, it is necessary to determine whether you have to tow a car rear wheel. One must know if he will tow a front-wheel or an all-wheel car that is automatic. In this situation, it is the user’s manual that is helpful. It is going to be of great help in explaining exactly how to tow a car. When a car is a rear-wheel and also has a hitch and two-bar, then it is necessary for you to have the driveshaft dropped. This will happen by having the universal joint removed which is present at the rear end of the differential. Then the next step is to lower down the end of this driveshaft carefully. One must lower it towards the ground and have the bolts replaced gently.

Step 2:

In the second step, it is required that the safety bar is placed towards the front side of the car. At the same time, it should be ensured that every important device is running appropriately. Then, you should raise the tongue of the tow bar very gently and you should also make sure that it is efficiently attached to the ball that is found on the vehicle that is to be towed.

After all, this is completed, then you should have the tow ball tightened to the ball. Next, make sure that the safety chains that are a part of the tow bar are efficiently fastened to the vehicle or car that has to be towed. So, if the car is a front drive, then it is necessary for the car dolly to be made to use. Then, have the car dolly attached to the tow a car that is like a low bar for it. It is highly likely that it will sit on the hitch and the ball will attach it. Then, lastly in this step, proceed towards fastening the safety chains.

Step 3:

In this step, you have to make sure that the lights are working perfectly before you tow a car. There is also another option of flatbed usage rather than using a car dolly or a tow bar for when towing a car any other type of car and not to worry about the car’s transmission system. It is important to make sure that the drive wheels of the car are not running at that time.

Step 4:

After the travel has exceeded 1-2km, then it shouldn’t be important to ensure whether the lights and hookups are functioning properly, or are okay to be working. Then, after this, have a check on the hitch and the safety chains so that there is a fit that is quite secure. If after completing these steps, and ensuring that everything is working well, you can continue with towing your car. If there is a long trip for the car, then make sure that you check everything whenever you are stopping for a reason or a break.

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Final Thoughts:

When people follow the above steps effectively. Make sure that the transmission of the car has remained intact when people tow a car. You should definitely ask other people to help you with this for you to have an easy process of towing. Lastly, ensure that people rate the hitch and tow vehicle for handling the car’s weight. Get note of the trailer that is being towed along.


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