How to troubleshoot Printer Supply Memory Error

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HP printers are well-known for good speed and providing quality printing. But many times people reported that they are getting the HP printer supply memory error. The printer is working properly but a message is appearing on the screen. You can get this message when there is some type of issue on the cartridge. Sometimes memory errors can appear due to runtime issues. Restating the printer may help. 

Common ways for fixing HP printer supply memory error:

Reset HP printer

If the memory error is occurring due to any runtime issue then reset the printer may fix the error immediately. When you get the error, follow the given steps to reset the printer:

  1. Turn on your printer
  2. Now take out the USB cables
  3. Pull out the power cord from the electric source
  4. Now wait for a minute
  5. Plugin the power cord again on your printer
  6. Your printer will get turned on automatically
  7. Connect the USB cords 
  8. Now check whether the memory error gets fixed or not.
  9. Check for protective strips or lose packaging

When you install a new ink cartridge on your printer; check the orange protective strips. The cartridge has few protective stips and clips for keeping the cartridge secure from any kind of handling damage. But you have to remove all these tapes and clips before installing the cartridge on your printer. You can easily find the clips on the cartridge. Take out all the clips from the cartridge. Then start checking the orange strips. Check the contact pins, and sideways. Pull out all the strips from your HP cartridge and then install the cartridge on your printer.

Check the metal contacts

Your cartridge has small metal contacts which help to connect the cartridge to the printer. The printer must identify the contact pins otherwise it won’t be able to complete the circuit. When the memory error message appears on the screen; open the cartridge door. Remove the cartridge from your printer and check the contact pins. Sometimes these pins get squashed inside. You have to pull the metal connectors forward. Pull the connected gently from your hands. Make sure you are not breaking them as they are very light as if they get damaged then you have to buy a new cartridge. After pulling the contact pins forward, reinstall the cartridge on your printer. Now check the screen to ensure that your error has been resolved. Also, check the side plastic slots. These slots are used for installing the cartridge correctly. If the plastic slots get damaged then the cartridge won’t be able to fit properly. 

Paper Jamming

Paper jamming can also get the users in memory error as the junk gets stuck between the roller which creates issues. If you have an old model of an HP printer then getting paper jams is very common. When the supply memory error appears; check for the paper jam. Remove the cartridge from the printer and check the rollers. If you see any paper chunk then take it out from your hands. Now take a dry cloth and remove all the dust from your printer. Install the cartridge on your printer. Give a print command to check whether the error gets fixed or not.

Outdated printer driver

You have to update your printer driver regularly for keeping it secure from all kinds of issues. If the printer driver gets outdated then your device will start printing in error state. The printer driver is like a connection setup between the printer and the PC. When you give a print command on your PC; the device driver conveys the message to the printer. If the driver gets outdated then various errors will appear. Go to the HP website and search for the latest update of your printer model. If the printer driver gets corrupted then you can use the driver update tool. You can easily find a good driver update tool on the internet. Search for a good tool which is compatible with your device. Run the driver update tool and follow the on-screen commands. This tool will automatically restore all the corrupted files of your driver. After restoring the driver files; restart your device and give the print command. If the supply memory error is still appearing then you should ask the HP printer technical team for help.

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