How to Use a Laptop As Monitor for PS4?

How to Use a Laptop As Monitor for PS4?
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If you want to use your laptop as monitor for your television at home, you can do so by using a video capture card. Other than that, all you need is a laptop that is able to connect to it via USB cable, video output, internet connection, or even Wi-Fi. How to use Laptop as a monitor for PS4? Just follow these simple steps. You may use a webcam or microphones for that purpose.

First, you have to find a way on how to use a laptop as a monitor for PS4?

The first thing you need to do about How to Use Laptop as Monitor for PS4 is to turn off the PlayStation 4. This feature is disabled by default in this console. It can be found in the system settings. Once you have turned it off, your system will be ready for some other processes.

Secondly, turn your PS4 off. Thirdly, remove the power adapter from the back of your PS4. It is located at the bottom or outside of your PS4. It is a plastic, metal, or rubber thing. Now, you have to locate your video output port and find its corresponding cable in the outlet.

The fourth step is to plug your USB into the corresponding slot on your laptop

Make sure that it is firmly held in place. Fifthly, you need to locate your other controller. It can be found at the bottom side of your PS4, next to the dock connector. Sixthly, you need to plug in your speaker connection.

The next step is to locate the Remote Play app

This app is accessible through your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Once you have opened the Remote Play app, you can play games using your laptop as a monitor. This is also a good option if you have no USB ports at all for connecting your external speakers.

The next step is to find a device that supports your PS4

A good option to consider is the wireless connection from your computer to the PlayStation 4. The only issue with this option is that you need an external video capture card to use it. It is commonly referred to as DVI or miniDV. You also have to purchase an adaptor for the laptop’s USB port.

Another option is to use your PC as a remotely controlled device

It is a bit more complicated than using your iPhone or iPad as a controller, however. You still need to use your PC as a monitor, open up the ps4 menu through which you can control your mobile device. Normally, this will open a web browser. There will be a button called “remote” beside the web browser’s title. Touching this button, you will be able to control your mobile through the PC’s settings.

In this article, we provided you with four options for how to use the Laptop as a monitor for ps4

Your first option is to use your computer as a video capture card while you use your laptop as a monitor. Your second option is to connect your computer to your ps4 through an external digital video capture card and stream the video to your mobile device. Your third option is to stream the video from the computer to the mobile device and the fourth option is to simply use your computer as a remote monitor.

If you used your computer as a video capture card

Your video capture device has to be turned off before turning on your computer. Your computer will automatically turn on and begin to stream a video. If you have already set up the camera to use ps4 remote play connection, you just need to connect it to the computer through its USB and set the image capture mode. In this process, you will be able to access your camera’s settings, switch between various cameras, and save any other settings.

How to use Laptop as Monitor for PS4? If your computer does not have an HDMI cable, you may need to use an alternate method for capturing video. An alternative method would be to use a wireless internet connection. You can use your wireless internet connection to link up with a wireless television and then use your laptop as a remote display.


How to use a laptop as monitor for ps4? This is probably the last step in this article. In this step, you should be able to connect your gaming console to your computer by either using a wireless internet connection or a USB cable. Once your gamepad recognizes the signal from your gaming console and merges it with the computer’s internal video catch, it will become possible for you to switch between different game screens.

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