HP Omen Keyboards

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Gaming Keyboards are the most useful devices which brings accuracy and precision in the performance. The user does not feel any fatigue while using it. The User can enhance his/her speed andaccuracy. The keys are so smooth to use and gives an amazing experience while playing the game. Today, passion can be anything. It can be playing games too. To follow our passion, we always want to comfort ourselves by purchasing the smart and advance gadgets. Keyboard, a necessary and smart device to play a game. A true gamer can relate this. There are lot of features in the keyboards now a days. Anti-ghosting rollover keys and speedy response are the main features which attracts the user towards them. The HP Omen keyboards does the same. User cannot miss keying because of the illumination of different colors which glows a deep and carry a stylish look to your edition. The Omen keyboards are more demanding in the market because of their unique features of red, green, and blue effects under the keys. To get the best settings for Fortnite it is important to have the right supporting equipment and gadgets. We help the gaming lovers whether you are looking how to fix lag in Fortnite or to get the best graphics settings for Fortnite, our dedicated team can help.

HP omen sequencer gaming keyboard

It has the 6.5ft braided long cable. The user can feel the speed and accuracy. It has the optical-mechanical blue switches which has the 50g actuation force which enables a 0.2 milli second response time. These switched are 10 times faster than the traditional mechanical switches. Company stated that this device has the 70 million clicks capacity. Perfect aura can be casted as the individual backlit keys offers approximately 16.8 million RGB colors along with the unique effects. They all can be customized from omen command center. One can easily customize the keys. As the keyboard is designed in an anodized aluminum frame, user feels the durability in the lightweight and can Control every element. User can take the control of their media with dedicated keys for the commands liken play, pause, skip, and mute and can efficiently manage all the cables and enjoy maximum convenience. These keys are the ones on which user can rely on. It does not matter that how many keys are being activated at once, User can press any key which is detected by the true n-key rollover. Also, it has the 100 percent anti-ghosting, 1000 Hz polling rate and 6.5ft braided cable for far sockets. The total weight of the Keyboard is 830 grams only.

HP omen Keyboard 1100

This Keyboard commands the destructive symphony of keystrokes along with a mechanical keyboard which is crafted for high-caliber competition. The anti-ghosting keys with the  N-key rollover and the ultra-responsive blue mechanical switches are responsible for delivering the agility that a user needs to maneuver the choke point after every match. Special master class mechanical switches make it more useful, and the renowned blue mechanical switches offers the next-level responsiveness and provides around 50 million keystrokes for the lifetime. The special quality of this keyboard is that no matter how many keys are pressed or activated at once, every key press will be detected for sure. This Keyboard basically Illuminate our accuracy. For example, it prevents the miss-keying and user can watch every key glow a deep red with its own dedicated LED. Company provides the return or exchange policy on this product for the span of 30 days, just after the delivery. A good gaming keyboard does support best settings for Fortnite.

HP Omen Steel Series Gaming Keyboard

It lights up the game by approximately 16.8 million colors which gives the user nearly limitless customization. The special feature of the keyboard is one-touch combos that is built with 88 macro keys. User can expand their arsenal – 2 integrated USB 2.0 ports and media controls are dedicated. It is much compatible with omen laptops (version 1.1) omen desktop pc (version 1.1) and omen x also. This keyboard is quite heavy which weigh 1.33 kilograms. The height is 2.05 inches and width 22.05 inches. The manufacturers are HP Pvt. Ltd and mostly they produce the black color keyboard which is more dynamic and stylish.

HP OMEN with Steel Series X7Z97AA Gaming Keyboard

It is a wired keyboard which can relate to both laptop and computer. The USB Version is USB 2.0. It has the illuminated and anti- ghosting keys with the stand support. It programsthe 88 built-in macro keys to make the combos easy to use and function.  20 keys are the mostly used keys in the gaming areas with the support of anti-ghosting due to which every command is executed. It is heavy device which weights 1.33 kilograms. The dimensions of the product are 560 x 220 x 52 mm. The company provides the warranty of 2 years which is only applicable if there is any damage in manufacturing.

HP Omen sequencer keyboard, the optical and mechanical keyboard which strikes faster. It is built specially for the gamers with various customization. It is available in black color only in the market. Talking about the operating systems then it can be only operated by PCs with Windows 10. It is best for the new gamers who have just started to play. Having the right gadgets will enhance the gaming experience. Having the best graphics settings for Fortnite,also adds up to enjoy the gaming experience. Light weight device with the illumination of RGB.

We reached to the conclusion thatthere is very less difference between them. The illuminated keys and anti-ghosting keys are common in most of them. And if somebody wants to buy the keyboard according to requirement then they must read customer reviews and feedback. It will help them in better understanding of the product. You should read all the specification and features of the device to have the better understanding of the product. If you think that you need assistance to pick the right device, then we can help. Whether you are dealing the problems of how to fix lag in Fortniteor looking to have the best graphics settings for Fortnite,we have the right team and professionals to get it right for you. To achieve the best settings for Fortniteyou can contact us today.

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